After extending his stay in Washington, D.C., for an additional 13 lectures, L. Ron Hubbard returned to Saint Hill for a week before traveling back to South Africa in late January. There, he not only delivered more than 20 lectures that further detailed the means of realizing an individual’s spiritual goals but also developed a refined pattern of organization for Scientology churches.

For his “Ocean Archaeological Expedition: to study underwater sites of historical interest such as submerged cities,” he was awarded a second Explorers Club flag.

Mr. Hubbard returned to Saint Hill in late March. In May, he began giving Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lectures. This provided a comprehensive training program for Scientology auditors in which the entire history of technical development was covered. Ron delivered 100 lectures to the students of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course in 1962.

For the next five years, he dedicated his time to continuing his research into states of existence and released his breakthroughs and new technology to the students of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. His discoveries and developments from this period became an essential part of the route to Clear and further advanced spiritual states on what would later become the Grade Chart and Chart of Human Awareness, originating four years later, in 1965.

Mr. Hubbard's time was also devoted to developing and standardizing administrative policy for the churches.



Technical Bulletins for 1961 can be found at this link in chronological order here on the site in PDF format and are downloadable. - (Under construction and usable)


22nd American Advanced Clinical Course - Washington D.C: January 1961

With clearing technology developed and the means to train auditors to use it, HGCs were cracking cases one for one. The era of invariable and uniform results had arrived. As L. Ron Hubbard told the 22nd American ACC, “We have merely charted a route not only through life so a fellow can pilot it, we have also charted a route through the data we have found out about life so that you can bring somebody off rather rapidly.” From that perspective, he had now decided to open the gates to new people. And with an exact course to greet them, fully presented at the Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress, came an exact session to audit them. Specifically, a Model Session, with Mr. Hubbard teaching the first‑ever script. Here is data of such paramount importance he told auditors not to learn it cold, but “hot, hot, hot!” And with the goal to create superlative professionals, he provided detailed instruction on everything, from present time problems and why they deny preclears reality on the back track, to the full mechanics of the reactive bank. While as for the importance of these lectures, Mr. Hubbard would order their study by every one of those case‑cracking HGCs.

South African Anatomy Congress - Johannesburg, SA: January 1961

Immediately following the Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress in Washington, DC, L. Ron Hubbard flew to Johannesburg. There, he delivered the same Congress, but this time tailored specifically for South Africans. In this unique event, he demonstrates the Anatomy of the Human Mind Course to a capacity Congress—the largest ever—literally demonstrating the rock-solid simplicities of Scientology and how to teach them to others: the time track, start-change-stop, the cycle-of-action, valences, the nature of aberration and much more. While to better understand and interest new people, he additionally presented the Pre-havingness Scale—a chart spanning the entire gamut of the human race, and charting the levels to bring any being from the very bottom—Inverted Interest—to the very top—Interest. As a grand finale, he further laid out his embracive program to uplift every man, woman and child in South Africa. Entitled The Future of South Africa, here is Mr. Hubbard’s personal message to the country from which, he said, “will spring the next great civilization on this planet.”

3rd South African Advanced Clinical Course - Johannesburg, SA: February 1961

Through seven and a half years, in addition to all else demanding his attention, L. Ron Hubbard had delivered more than 1,000 Advanced Clinical Courses and Professional Course lectures—a body of technology delineating every conceivable aspect of the mind and spirit and mapping the route to higher states. And now he embarked on the task of overcoming the only remaining barrier: cracking the toughest of “tough” cases. Convened immediately following the South African Anatomy Congress, the 3rd South African ACC is where Mr. Hubbard taught the Pre-Havingness Scale, a new assessment scale oriented around the make‑break point of a case. Trained on processes utilizing this scale, ACC auditors made short work of the “toughest” of those “tough” cases, cracking every one in four weeks. Yet all of this culminated in a development that, in his words, “made history”—Goals and Goals Assessment. For not only did the technology L. Ron Hubbard taught on this last ACC launch an avalanche straight to Clear, but SOP Goals led directly to an entirely new and pivotal echelon of auditor training—the commencement of the legendary Saint Hill Special Briefing Course and the final accomplishment of The Bridge we have today.

The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - Year 1

1961 - May through Mid August    Lectures 1-50

The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course is the largest single course in Scientology. It consists of a comprehensive and chronological study of the entire development of Dianetics and Scientology and contains the largest, broadest body of information on the subject of human behavior, the mind and life that has ever been available.

The course is named after Saint Hill Manor in England, Mr. Hubbard’s residence during much of the 1960s, and where he taught the course from March 1961 to December 1966. This covers an intense period of his research, leading to many important discoveries. Auditors came from all over the world to Saint Hill and were present when Mr. Hubbard developed the Bridge to Total Freedom and many of the procedures that today form a large part of any preclear’s auditing. The course was hugely popular and auditors who returned to their areas from Saint Hill were regarded with enormous respect.

1961 - May to August - Lectures 1 -50

1961 - Mid August through December - Lectures 51-100

The Clean Hands Congress - Washington D.C. : December 1961 - January 1962

It had been a year since his last Congress, and in that time something new, something truly groundbreaking had occurred. Because when Mr. Hubbard announced, “You have a new horizon, a new future,” he was in fact referring to the development of modern auditing leading to the Grade Chart itself. For just as he’d revolutionized auditor training with Training Drills (TRs), he’d now developed a brand-new meter and codified its use in auditing. And even all of that was only a part of something far greater he’d begun: The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course! Then again, he left no doubt this would be a new type of Congress as well: “I’m not going to pull any punches for you at all.” And he didn’t. Here is where he announced his discovery of the Goals Problem Mass (GPM), “Masses of mental energy, you might say, burned down to the last notch, and nobody can get rid of the cinders.” And that’s just the beginning of what he reveals regarding the GPM—extending back 200 trillion years—in these, the only public lectures ever given on the subject outside the Briefing Course. Moreover, there’s what that discovery revealed in terms of case progress at every level. In fact, as L. Ron Hubbard also reveals, it had everything to do with the development of the E-Meter. In a single word—the subject is Withholds. And when you find out what they do to your bank, how they affect your reach, indeed, your very beingness—you’ll think twice before ever sitting on one. You will also understand why this is the Clean Hands Congress and the route upwards and onwards to freedom.

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