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Lectures of 1961


After extending his stay in Washington for an additional 13 lectures he returns to Saint Hill for a week, then travels back to South Africa in late January. Here he not only delivers more than 20 lectures which further detail the means of realizing man’s spiritual goals, but also develops a refined pattern of organization for Scientology churches.

L. Ron Hubbard is awarded his second Explorers Club flag for his “Ocean Archaeological Expedition to study underwater sites of historical interest such as submerged cities.”

In late March L. Ron Hubbard returns to Saint Hill and in May he begins to give lectures to Scientologists on the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course – a comprehensive training program for Scientology auditors in which the entire history of technical development is covered.

For the following five years, Mr. Hubbard dedicates his time to continuing his research into states of existence and releasing his breakthroughs and new technology to students of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. His discoveries and developments from this period become an important part of the route to Clear and advanced spiritual states. Mr Hubbard's time is also devoted to developing and standardizing administrative policy for the churches.

22nd Advanced Clinical Course - Washington D.C: January 1961

South African Anatomy Congress - Johannesburg, SA: January 1961

3rd South African Advanced Clinical Course - Johannesburg, SA: February 1961

The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - Year 1

1961 - May through Mid August    Lectures 1-50

1961 - Mid August through December  Lectures 51-100

The Clean Hands Congress - Washington D.C.: December 1961- January 1962

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