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Multimedia Library

Here you will find all available books, volumes, lectures, etc.



Scientology Dictionaries for Beginners to Professionals

1991 Technical Volumes

1991 Technical Subject Volumes

Research and Discovery Series Volumes

ABILITY Magazines 0-152

Organization Executive Course and Management Volumes

Chronologic Dianetics and Scientology Hardback Books (First Printings)

Digital Auditing Library for iPad Pro and Standard Auditing

Digital Auditor Admin PDF References for iPad Pro

Auditor and Auditing Essentials PDF References for iPad Pro

Indexed Lecture Compendium for Download only

All Lectures From 1950-1975

Chronological - Streaming Lectures

New lectures added to complete 1957 and early 1958, as well as the years of 1961 to 66', as of 23 DECEMBER 2019.

1950   1951   1952   1953   1954   1955   1956   1957  1958 1959  

1960   1961   1962   1963   1964   1965   1966  1967   1968 1969    

1970   1971   1972   1973   1974   1975

All available lectures in order of appearance on the Dianetics and Scientology Grade Chart for training.


Student Hat Lectures

Pro TRs Lectures

Academy Level Zero Lectures

Academy Level One Lectures

Academy Level Two Lectures

Academy Level Three Lectures

Academy Level Four Lectures

Academy Level Five (New Era Dianetics) Lectures

Saint Hill Special Briefing Course:  7 May, 1961 - 13 December, 1966  - Confidential Lectures withheld.

The Class VIII Course Lectures - September 1968 - Available upon request and verification of case level.

The Class IX Course Lectures - Available upon request and verification of case level.

Specialist Courses

PTS/SP Lectures

NOTE: Confidential Upper level lectures and the KTL materials (in PDF file format) can be acquired from AOGP upon email request and verification of case level with written C/S okay at the e-mail address below.

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