At long last, our tech restoration project is under way. As the international Central Organization for Independent Scientology, we wish to welcome you to phase one of our Project to restore the tech digitally and ultimately, in print.

For years the tech has been available outside the church in a far less than optimum state. AOGP is taking KRC for this non-optimum scene of LRH's legacy of tech and policy in digital format, as well as all of the Independent Dianetics and Scientology books and lecture transcripts.

Independent Scientology Books, Technical bulletins. and Policies will be all meticulously recreated in their original first print form, correcting size, color, text, grammar, abbreviations and more in alphabetical order. Placed on this page, viewable and downloadable from AOGP for free as well as on our online courseroom, STOSA.

New references will be added daily as of March 2023, so check very regularly if you can't find something or e-mail us if you're on a quest for a particular reference.

What kind of references are you looking for?

Independent Scientology Lectures, Books, and Magazines and Videos

Multimedia Library

Auditing Repair Lists to use in auditing sessions:

Prepared Auditing Assessment List Bulletins for Auditors

Scientology Grades Process Checklists

1991 Grades Process Checklists

Independent Scientology Technical Bulletins and Lecture Transcripts:

Chronological Technical Bulletins and Lecture Transcript Index  - (Under Construction)

Independent Scientology Organizational Policies:

Policy Letters Index - (Under Construction)