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Lectures of 1965


In January L. Ron Hubbard travels to the Canary Islands to begin intensive research on the spiritual nature of man and his origins.

He returns to Saint Hill later that month.

His activities during the remainder of the year bring major organizational and technical breakthroughs as a result of his years of work at Saint Hill.

The Classification and Gradation Chart is released, laying out the exact steps to follow in Scientology counseling and training to achieve higher states of awareness and ability.

In November L. Ron Hubbard announces and implements the seven-division organizing board. This is a major breakthrough in the successful pattern of operation of any group. It has universal application and is in use today in all churches of Scientology and an increasing number of other organizations.

The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - Year 5

The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course 1965 Lectures

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