Having developed a successful and standardized pattern of organizational form and function, L. Ron Hubbard turned his attention to developing a strategy that resolved the problems associated with managing an international network of organizations.

    In 1970, Mr. Hubbard streamlined organizational management technology – laying out highly workable principles of personnel, organization, and financial management and handling. This technology was compiled in the Organization Executive Course Volumes and Management Series Volumes. (A downloadable version is available on the multimedia Library page)

    He made the first significant advances on the subject of logic since ancient Greece while researching the ground-breaking Data Series of policy letters. This material was later released as the Data Series Evaluators Course, first as a pilot to the Advanced Sea Organizations, then to the lower Saint Hills, and finally, Class V organizations.

    Mr. Hubbard conducted a comprehensive study of all existing public relations theories and practices. He released his discoveries, known as the PR Series, which provided an entirely analytical and ethical approach to the subject of public relations.

    He continued technically refining standard Dianetics procedures for what would become the Expanded Dianetics and the powerful L Rundowns. He continued to codify the Case Supervision series of HCOBs, as well.



Technical Bulletins for 1970 can be found at this link in chronological order here on the site in PDF format and are downloadable. - (Under construction and usable)


Grand National Convention - Dianetics 20th Anniversary -  L.A., CA. - June 1970

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