What We Do

We help you put your life back into your hands, where you are fully in control of your world. We bring all of L. Ron Hubbard's work to your knowledge right in the comfort of your home, with over 45 online courses, online auditing using our Theta Meter, and giving you access to our free multimedia material. Ultimately, people increase their ability and happiness remarkably with us. Some of our stories include drug addicts that have been completely rehabilitated who now own successful businesses; marriages previously on the brink of failure that are now happy and wholesome again; and children whose doctors thought could only handle life through medication that are now A+ students and stable.

We help people live better in every area of life. Our compilation of courses, materials, and auditing sessions do just that. It does not matter what problem you are facing in life; relationships, work, family, finances, school, social circles, and emotional troubles all become easier with us by using tools backed by science and administered with love, acceptance, and sincerity. If you have been looking all your life for the secret to life’s mysteries, you have finally found it in us.

Our Intent

It is no secret that the world tries to solve our problems for us. We believe that the only correct resolution to fixing our problems is through us as individuals - by regaining full control of our lives. We see the world's "easy-fixes" every day; children are being put on drugs for ADHD, adults are told the only solution is through expensive therapy that has a very low success rate long-term. We get given painkillers when very often there are reasons for why we are in pain and can easily be solved through our techniques. Through us, we hope to bring light and love to every individual and humanity as a whole.

Where to Start?

The first step of many fun things to do with us is to take a personality test. This test lets us know which areas you are struggling with and how we can help you. For example, if your graph showed you had problems in communication, we would recommend a course on knowing how to communicate better.

Next, you can contact us to receive a free book while you wait for your personality test results which are delivered in hours.

You can also sign up to our courses. There are free courses too!

Our Promise

We can and do help people in realizing their true potential as being more capable individuals. If you are ready for a life changing experience, you will be one of those individuals with us. Welcome to your journey of discovering a new slant on life, where your capabilities are infinite!