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Oxford Capacity Analysis Test Services

a year ago

"The OCA is a vital tool for the Auditor and C/S. It is a reliable test. There is really no excuse for an auditor or C/S not knowing about OCAs." - LRH

Getting Things Back on Course

For decades, tens of thousands of people taking the Oxford Capacity Analysis Test, wrong indications were the norm. The historical reason for this is simple. Alterations occurred in the test questions due to copyright ownership conflicts with the copyright holders at the time and the COS.

The OCA had been a wildly successful action on the registration lines, though an unintended use for it. Since the COS's wanted to keep using it for this altered purpose, their response was to alter the test as well. In so doing, the church altered the questions and its original intent for use by LRH, thereby drastically changing the outcome of the test for those who took it. The church to this day still uses the modified and altered version.

Since then, the test that the COS uses has been producing wrong indications for everyone that took it. Creating distrust in the test to the point of it falling out of use on technical lines almost entirely and on public lines altogether in the field outside the church.

After thorough research, and with a few lucky breaks, AOGP has recovered ALL of the original unaltered test documents including the incredibly hard to find test grading materials.

The original OCA graphing sheet with a before and after auditing test graph. The lower is before auditing.

Standard Tech is Back for the OCA

With the recovery of the original Oxford Capacity Analysis test materials, AOGP is now offering a test grading service for all outside-of-the-church field auditors. There are other OCA services on the net using the actual correct materials but at an incredible cost of a $500 per month for a monthly subscription. Completely out of reach of the field auditors and their public.

Each evaluation is guaranteed to have complete accuracy with a turnaround time of 48 hours after receipt of the completed OCA test information and payment via PayPal, or credit/debit card.

It is available in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Greek, Russian, Bosnian, Hebrew, and Hindi. Other languages can be made available upon request HERE.

Click here to take the OCA.

Please fill out the contact form for the test, then take the test. We will then send a PayPal payment request to pay the evaluation fee of $49. The results (graph and evaluation) will be sent after payment only.

Evaluations, done correctly, take a significant amount of time to do, thus the fee for this service. A subscription fee is also available for those needing numerous tests evaluated per month, at a much cheaper rate per test.

Contact us for more details here:

Once we receive the test results and payment, we will email the results in 48 hours or less in PDF format with both the graph and professionally done evaluation, ready to present to a client or for an individual. We also include a free pre-scheduled ten minute one on one personalized video explanation of the results.

The OCA evaluation, done correctly, can significantly improve folder programming by a standard Case Supervisor. Thus increasing the amount of case gain available and shortening auditing time in many cases as well as giving accurate information about areas in life that can be improved and areas where one excels.

We also offer the OCA, and its standard evaluation free of charge to our in org public at AOGP - Kansas City.

~ Jonathan Burke is the Executive Director of The Advanced Org. of the Great Plains and its lead Class VIII/IX C/S and auditor. In addition, he is one of our authors for AOGP online magazine.      Contact: