A Noun: Is defined as "one who listens" an auditor audits, a unique form of counseling that helps an individual direct their attention to specific subjects in their life, using an e-meter (a spiritual counseling device that shows mental charge and mass on a person or the lack thereof) which in turn with proper technique, increases abilities, awareness, removing barriers and unwanted conditions from their life with an auditor in a session. There is no use of hypnosis, trance, or drugs in auditing, ever. The person being audited is completely aware of everything that happens. Auditing is a precise, exact method based on deceptively simple universal, natural laws about the mind, communication, and our interaction in the universe around us.

There is a big difference between auditing and other forms of counseling or therapy. First of all, it is a spiritual, personal growth method. It is primarily aimed to "help the able become more able," and not psychotherapy - it can have incredible beneficial therapeutic effects when done precisely.

Auditors are not psychotherapists, and auditing is not psychotherapy. By reserving your auditing hours, you get an experienced, very well-trained professional auditor to help you, using precise auditing procedures. You will discover new things about yourself and life, so you can live your life better on your determinism, free of the things that were holding you back from life and your self-created goals in it.


"Online auditing" or remote auditing is auditing done via a Zoom video connection. All of our auditing services can be done remotely, save the Objectives processing. All of the principles of "in-person auditing" apply to remote auditing.

Online auditing is for those who cannot travel or are prevented from traveling due to governmental health regulations etc. It works marvelously with a good broadband internet connection, giving you the convenience of auditing sessions in your own home on your schedule.

Online auditing requires a Theta-Meter (a solid-state version of an e-meter used in conjunction with software on your computer or laptop), just as auditing does in person.

The pre-clear or client acquires a Theta Meter before going in session with one of our auditors. You can purchase one in our private Theta-Meter Store online and have it shipped to you by overnight courier. Just ask us for the link via e-mail.

If auditing is done physically, the auditor provides the e-meter for the session free of charge as an alternative.



Life repair auditing is generally any auditing aimed at resolving the current, troublesome issues in your life. The auditor will conduct a detailed interview with you about various aspects of your life to find "what to audit" in your life repair and then develop a program tailored to your needs in the coming sessions.


Group auditing is a type of auditing typically done in person but can be done online via Zoom for small groups of participants at a time or in person with many more participants. It is done without an e-meter in an open public space.


Objective refers to outward things, objects, not the thoughts or feelings of the individual. Objective Processes deal with the real, the physical universe. They call for the person to place attention exterior to themselves to carry out the auditing processes. Objective Processes locate the person in his environment, using objects in their environment, and establish control, communication, and havingness or "self-determined ownership" over those objects. Bringing a person into the present, the here, and the now. One of the primary components to spiritual sanity and ability.


The Independent Scientology Grades are a series of precise steps that help you remove obstacles in your life to aid and re-develop your natural abilities on a specific subject in the mind. The grades are a series of gradient steps in auditing that fully address issues literally everyone has in life.

Such as being out of present time, compulsively thinking of the past, poor memory or recall of the past, communication issues, problems, stuck attention on a specific buject or subjects, harmful acts to other or one's self, upsets, and destructive behavior regarding only "apparent" survival towards others and oneself.

The expanded grades enable one to have (freedom from) voluntarily "bought into" effects these topics can inflict, leaving you feeling far more open and at cause over life.

The subtle changes in viewpoint become more frequent and significant as one progresses on the grades, building on prior realizations and epiphanies in a systematic approach, one by one. The lower grades are structured into ten separate tiers and are done in the exact order of necessity for the pre-clear to get the best gains possible.

Here is a sample of some of the most extensive Grades auditing steps...

ARC Straightwire:

In this Grade, you improve your recall of the past markedly through an auditing style known as straightwire. It deals in getting you back in communication with things you've long since forgotten using all your senses via straightwire recall; much like a conduit to the past using your perceptions, improving your recall and at the same time making you more causative in life and over your past. The result of this excellent auditing step is "knowing you won't get any worse."

Grade 0:

In this Grade, you improve your communication and ability to communicate with others and receive communication from others. The typical result of this auditing level is the "ability to communicate freely with anyone on any subject at any time, anywhere."

Grade I:

In this Grade, you deal with your past and present problems and come to realize how issues are being created and how you can disassemble these self-created difficulties in your life and turn them into solutions. One also addresses the subject of help in Grade I on a "deep dive" basis. If one feels help is impossible due to earlier betrayals on help, how can they be honestly helped or help anyone? This Grade handles these phenomena from all angles on the subject.

Grade II:

In this Grade, one deals with the feelings of guilt, remorse, sorrow, regret, and their persistence in present time of the things one DID but KNOWS one shouldn't have done or didn't want to be done to them. Then withholding those acts from others, and those who nearly found out but didn't about those cotra-survival acts.

Through auditing on this Grade, one experiences a massive release of tension, a freeing up of one's attention, becoming more open, in control of their life, and far more ethical with a returned ability to reach in life for pro-survival activities that make one happy, once unobtainable by their own considerations before this Grade.

Grade III:

In this Grade, one addresses significant changes in their life and the resulting upsets and confusion. One experiences excellent relief from the disturbances in life created by breaks in affinity, reality, communication, and understanding with oneself and others on this level once addressed fully.

Grade IV:

In this Grade, you discover your hidden fixed attitudes and states of being that block you from being your TRUE self. One dismantles all sorts of unreal "games" one was playing in life in trying to "survive" when ealing with others and themslves, experiencing genuine personal authenticity in their actions and a newly found freedom to start and try new things in a very pro-survival manner. One is no longer attached to non-survival attitudes and states of being anymore.

Grade V:

In this Grade, one uses New Era Dianetics in a series of program steps to find and erase past experiences of drugs, timelessness, losses, pain, and unconsciousness in the reactive mind. Things that drastically hold one down and back in life due to unwanted stuck attention.

The result of completing the New Era Dianetics grade is the state of Clear: a free and happy human being aware of their true nature without influence from a reactive mind.

The Drug Purification Program


Drug Purification Program:

The purification program removes the residual street drugs, environmental contaminants, pharmaceutical drugs, radiation, and toxins in your body through vitamin supplements, niacin, along with exercise and the use of a sauna to sweat the residuals out in conjunction with the positive effects of niacin, as a daily regimental program to completion. These unwanted chemicals and radiation are purged from the body, leaving the body unhindered from the constant influence of these harmful chemical components found in nearly everything these days. Allowing the body to heal, live healthier, and perceive far better without the unwanted effects caused by today's drug influences, as well as those in the past left residual in the body over time.

Case Cracking:

Case cracking handles those barriers that have been fettering an individual their whole life, obstacles preventing stable gains in life due to persistent conditions that won't change or go away briefly but come back with a vengeance, always at the worst of times. Case cracking delves deep into why the individual cannot solve their persistent PROBLEM areas with standard auditing, or at all to date. Giving life-changing results never thought possible, freeing oneself from unwanted conditions permanently.

OT Grades or Levels:

The Operating Thetan levels or OT Levels of Independent Scientology are delivered as LRH intended here at AOGP. Incredible gains are gotten on these levels as one Solo audits their way to total spiritual freedom, causation, awareness, and a host of new perceptions and abilities. Many of these levels are courses where one learns to Solo audit the Grade's materials on themselves before proceeding. The best auditors in the world are Solo auditors, who then audit others after their incredible gains on these levels.

The L Rundowns:

Each rundown is designed to terminatedly handle a specific area of a person's case on the L's. These levels were made originally by L. Ron Hubbard for executives to boost their power without doing the entirety of auditing actions available.

The L's are not grades in themselves but incredible boosters to beingness. Doingness, and havingness in life and other universes. Primarily, the tech comes from research into increasing OT powers.

They're a particular class of rundown- they increase your ability and effectiveness in life by magnitudes through the use of an auditing tech called listing and nulling. One of the most effective and powerful auditing techniques ever developed.

There are also other auditing actions available that we deliver, if you don't see what you are looking for listed here, please email us for more information.


We give you the pre-clear, a Small "hat," or role description, which lays out and defines what is needed from you before and in session. This way, you know what is expected of you before auditing begins, such as no alcohol 24 hours before or on days when auditing occurs, etc.

The first introductory session with one of our auditors is always free. In that initial session, you will do a short interview and discuss your current issues with the auditor. You may also do some straightforward, simple processes to get introduced to the auditing process.

All auditing sessions are conducted under a strict code of confidentiality. No auditor is allowed to divulge anything said during the session. After the introductory session, auditing is bought in packages of 12,5 hours called intensives, delivered intensively.

All auditing hours are paid in advance, and when registering, AOGP will inform you of our policies and procedures beforehand.