April 3rd, 2024

Ok, simple stuff.

It's so funny how when you cross over into a new state; it feels like there is nothing to look back to. Like forward, is the only way left to look at. There's a kind of loss that leaves you lighter and with no regret of the past. At the end of every grade there is always that step into a new future, a new knowingness.  It's like shedding a skin, usually one that you thought you needed, but without it it becomes lighter to fly.

I realize that I'm saying nothing here, so let me now explain easily what's going on. Going back and recalling gives you a full view of life. When you move far enough from present time, you get an expanded view of the situation. ANYTHING can be understood when you stop sticking your nose to the glass. These processes I feel like calling exercises, are an insight into your life and, all life. You are basically practicing 'looking'. It's nuts really how stuck we are without knowing it.

I'm just glad to have crossed the line; I am now able to SEE the game; 360 degrees.

It's a relief. It feels unreal.

Thank you!


Sunshine Rundown Success

I could see Life in things. Trees growing oddly in their fit environnement. The expression of peoples' tastes. Just how life was at the origin of things. How I became interested in life. Something interesting had been put there by life. Sometimes something neglected, something created, something expressed.

And I was in Love.