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AOGP Tech Blog 26

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Independent Scientology - What the Future Holds March 8th, 2023 A Virtual Independent

AOGP Tech Blog 24

It's been a few fortnights since our last Tech Blog. We will be merging our Podcast and Blog together from

AOGP Tech Blog 23

Original Sin? January 26, 2023 I grew up in a Christian household, and it was only really in my 20s

Independent Scientology, Auditing Life Repair - A Success Story

Doing the life repair was very beneficial for me! I had some difficult times during childhood and in recent years.

L11 Completion Success Story

December 9th, 2022 L11 helped me in an unexpected way. I thought doing it would directly help MY OWN Doingness,

AOGP Tech Blog 22 - Your Identity is a Lie - From Scientologirl

This is just a reminder that your current identity is not who you really are. Our experiences in this universe,

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