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ARC Straightwire Completion Success Story

ARC Straightwire Completion Success Story

After starting on ARC Straightwire, I didn't realize the depth of things that I would RECALL from my track.

I must say, my life has been quite interesting and by being able to go back and deal with or revisit  many of those experiences, I totally see that I am creating a new pathway for myself.

The way I used to live life and have to "forget" what has happened or what's been done is stupid. It's doesn't serve me in the moment or in the long run.

Thanks to my auditor Jonathan for great 2-way comm and delivering session with clarity and focus on helping me see things through a new lense.

Thanks to LRH for helping us to be able to recall our life experiences and do it with good ARC on all dynamics!

~Q. S.

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