My success on L11! Where can I start?! My intentions and purpose! Free to express themselves in their true form. So much of my purpose and intentions has been covered by my bank and evil intentions/purpose.

In a short amount of time Jon was able to help me navigate and bring to the surface the common denominator and truths of what my purpose and intentions are. Unveiling these truths DAILY brought so much clarity and freedom to my case. I was able to release the shackles of what was truly holding me back from reaching my true potential.

How this translates to my life as a medical professional (Veterinarian). The confidence and accuracy of my medicine that I have with my patients and owners is exceptional..The ability to make quick and accurate decisions when life and death are on the line. No hang ups or second guessing. Just quick and accurate decisions that I’ve never experienced before in my career. ARC with my patients, owners and support staff are now flawless. I can confidently say now I hold my space and run the show. I’m able to see what may seem like an impossible workload and ask for more!

In my personal life I am able to now see who truly is my friend and have my best interests in mind. This ability alone is worth all the late nights and early mornings to get my sessions in before a full day of work. I can’t thank Jon and AOGP enough for the willingness to help me in this journey. I can’t wait to continue to my next step. I encourage everyone to RUN not walk up the bridge. There is no time to waste and “I’ll start tomorrow” is just an excuse we all tell ourselves (New Year New Me lol).

I love you all, and am excited to start on this new LIFE post L11. Any questions you guys have I will lend an ear and share my experiences and wins to anyone who is curious. ML and see you soon!