8 December, 2023

We start on L11, clearing terms and phrases, determining the flows, and then Start!

As I'm going through the processes, I'm really just trusting my auditor to
know what's going on because I'm still trying to get my head around it
all to what flow I'm running or what I'm trying to do, actually, but I realize
my job is to focus on the auditor's questions, perceived confront, and
answer the question…… it sounds so easy writing it out like this, lol!

Anyways, we are running all flows on different people in my current lifetime, a few on the whole track, and the more I become accustomed to the sequences of things, the more I start to see an overall picture come together in relativeness.

There's a bird's eye view of things in some parts of this lifetime. Then
there is a being's ability to view, unlimited in scope, and in an instant
understand how it all relates, The what, where, why, and how
transcending lifetimes! Who does that? We do, apparently.

Then, there comes a point where you feel so good that your needle is floating regardless of the auditor's question; this was the turning point for me. From there on, many things started to change unbeknown to
me. For example, there are a few passive-aggressive people I work with. They just haven't been in my space ever since, and when we cross
paths, it's good exchanges, but everyone else is getting the same ol from
them, lol.

Another was facing the shame I was hiding, an excellent old dose of 'Run It Straight' is a Rugby term used to get some go forward by running a
straight line to the goal area guarded by the most giant humans, you will
ever see on this planet, lol. I was a lot more courageous with an auditor
in tow whether the matters were familial, financial, spiritual, and with zero
evaluation or invalidation.

The whole valence thing was eye-opening; the confusion it
caused me was so off the scale. How could one love a fatherly figure
while, in the same breath, being terrified of them at the same time? My confusion blew when I discovered what was behind it, and the affinity went off the scale!

The other thing was finding out the primary intention of those I'd been
suppressed by to some degree and those I had suppressed or where I'd
seen others suppressing others. This really gets to the point, and
that though I may have been done wrong by others, me to another, other, to others, etc., the basic intention of any one of those persons tells you
straight up where it is with them. This brought me out of the two minds I
was in with them on these issues.

Then we get into my primary intention, goal, and purpose, and boy, If I
wasn't a wide floating needle I was now!

My auditor showed me a statement for the end phenomena I assumed; he asked, "What does this mean to you?" And I couldn't answer it. I
felt amazing, but I couldn't bring myself to say yes - that's me!

Inside, I was more like a dud firecracker that fizzes out and then a thud, lol! I felt awesome, but if I had known I was there, I would have said yes without hesitation.

My auditor says well, now you've at least reaffirmed the primary intention
goal and purpose: I'm gonna say this with the best of intentions for you

I am a musician, singer, songwriter, writer, and composer, and many of these things we worked through had a lot to do with why I jumped ship to become something else!

START is what I needed to hear; the firecracker went off properly
after the session. I picked up a guitar and just started playing whatever came up.

The next few days of playing and listening to music, but an old song I had recorded was on the playlist as I was driving. I remembered, "I have a massive library of music projects, ideas, rhythms, and concepts that "need work." As soon as I realized that a song I had worked on years ago started perceptively glaring as if to say, "Here I am. I'm the one you need to work on." lol! So I got to work!

While doing this, I become aware of how free I am in creating and to
'CREATE' and let what's naturally there evolve and transmute it into
other art forms.

While talking to my wife about the end phenomena situation, it dawned
on me why I couldn't say yes.

Two weeks prior, I asked my auditor… "How do I know if I'm done?" He
replied, "When you feel like a god!"

Well, I interpreted that as meaning…It's supposed to look, be, or feel a
certain way, only to realize it has nothing to do with preconceived
ideas; it comes down to knowingness as to one's own determinism, and I
never really understood that properly until that moment!

You know what you know….you know?

And with that came the realization: Yes! I am that end phenomena!

All I had to do was get out of my own way and go with the flow instead of trying to put conditions on it; that's where I got into trouble! It was a difference between a light switched on and off.

The other stop on completing L11 was I wanted to continue auditing cause I love it! Ahhh! The things we do.

I want to acknowledge a great auditor, Johnathan Burke. Thank you
for what you do and for keeping us with source; it is honestly an honor to
work with you as a PC!

And to LRH for the Tech, I can't thank you enough, sir!!!