January 14th, 2024

If I had to sum up my wins from L11 in one line, I would title it, “Life is filled with illusions, but truth melts them.”

The first thing I found out was that this lifetime is not an indication of what got me into this terrible condition known as “human” on planet Earth. In fact, the way I was for an extremely long time on my track is more like the polar opposite of my current beingness! It took me hundreds of millions of years to get here. When I was operating on purposes that weren’t my own, when I did things that I knew deep down as a spiritual being were wrong, I eventually had to find a way to stop myself. And here I am. L11 unlocked this aspect of my case, and I know I’ll never be the effect of it again.

My drive to DO the things I want to do has increased so much that once I get going, it’s hard to tear myself away from my work. I’m also able to see details or outpoints that I couldn’t before, so I’m able to make the correct changes and improve things when previously I couldn’t figure out how to make something better even if I knew something wasn’t quite right.

In one session, we handled some case that had been with me a very long time and altered my perception of things. It’s tricky to explain exactly how that case worked or what it did. In a nutshell, it altered my reality in certain ways and caused me not to notice things, sometimes even obvious things, or made me misinterpret or change data. What an incredible relief to have that gone! And what a difference! In life, it’s so important to view and assess things correctly, and because of L11, I have that now.

Probably the most profound win I had on L11 was a realization about one’s own moral code and sense of knowingness. In another life, I was given a task. Being who I was then, I went to do it. However, when I got there and saw the target, I immediately knew that going through with the job wasn’t right. I knew it on several levels, not only from an ethics point of view but from a knowingness deep in my gut that proceeding with this task was wrong.

Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to my intuition—I thought I didn’t have the luxury of doing that. Disobeying orders was unthinkable. I’d be killed, right? Or worse. So, I forced myself to carry out this terrible deed. I went through with it. All of it. And by doing so, I violated my integrity, made myself smaller, and sent myself a little further down the dwindling spiral. But the truly interesting part is this: the person I wronged never did any of those things despite my overts against him. Not once.

He never compromised his own integrity. He never violated his moral code or forfeited his sense of right and wrong. He upheld his honor in every moment that I knew him.

His life may have ended, and mine didn’t, but it didn’t matter. He won. I lost. He knew it, and I knew it.

Fast forward to my L11 session, and I realized it was never about what other people did to me. Not at its core. It’s about what I do. It’s when I violate my own moral code—not someone else’s, but mine—or my own knowingness about what feels right or wrong—THAT is what sends me down the dwindling spiral and makes me smaller.

Because of these realizations, I can see and act and do so much better, my clarity of thought has improved, my instincts are sharper, and I feel that overall, I have a much clearer view of the world around me and life in general.

Thank you, Jonathan, for all the excellent auditing and for getting me through those fascinating processes. Every session was a new discovery! Thank you to LRH and others who researched and developed the L11 procedure. What an incredible gift.

I’m so very grateful to have experienced the life-changing wins of this rundown.