("Freedom from the upsets of the past and ability to face the future.") - Scientology Grade Chart - Grade III End Phenomena

I never really believed this was possible, and frankly, if you read this EP (End Phenomenon) out of context it doesn't quite make sense.

I mean, if you are free from something TODAY; it's because you've become conscious that it was there. No?

Auditing is sitting down and taking the time to reevaluate your own life and organize events into new categories which then leads you to have a new outlook on things. It answers the question, 'What's wrong with me?' 'why does this make me react?' 'Why do I keep failing at this subject' 'Why can't I get what I want?'.

But, not with the answers you would expect. You come up on your own with a solution to your fears and problems that is not a solution you might naturally go towards; this is why the reorganization of similar parts and events in your life can show you evidence, taken in isolated occurrences,  don't logically reveal anything.

The word I would use to describe the auditing process is 'PURE'. I have rarely seen any method so unbiased to help someone see something so clearly FOR HIMSELF.

So then, back to the EP, the word 'past' has no grip on you. Damn! The definition of the word: Gone, no longer present, not happening in the moment. Well, I am reunited with this concept. Because in the 'now', rarely is there trauma, anguish, or fear. These come from restimulating the past into the present moment.

Another concept that has evolved for me is ARC. You see, I used to be ARC broken, now you can't ARC brake me; because I understand YOU. I know why you would accuse me, invalidate me, misunderstand me, or even choose to leave me. It gives me a huge amount of respect in regard to others. It feels nice to go along restoring affinity reality and communication when I see someone feel invalidated or upset because of me since it has become easy for me to 'get' the other person. It actually feels like I've lived EVERYONE's life. I've become a stable datum for myself. Just like an auditor; since he never changes, nor the questions, nor his attitude; then only the other part has a place for change.

It makes a better parent out of me, a better friend, a better boss, and altogether a better human. I find myself being neutral and I can sway in the direction the wave takes me. I am no longer at battle and my mind is at peace. I no longer have ongoing worries and worst-case scenarios haunting my thoughts.

I live in the moment at peace with myself and I feel that I can communicate fearlessly.