In 1951, L. Ron Hubbard wrote six books outlining his discoveries in the field of the human mind and giving practical technology to improve human existence. In addition to the printed word, he delivered more than 100 lectures on the subject of Dianetics.

After completing the book Science of Survival in Havana, Cuba, he opened the first Hubbard College in Wichita, Kansas. It was dedicated to delivering lectures and conducting courses.

In the fall of 1951, having discovered that man is most fundamentally a spiritual being, he began a new line of research to determine what could be done to help an individual regain natural abilities. These discoveries formed the basis of Scientology.

Theta-Mest Theory (Science of Survival) Lectures: May - June 1951

Special Course in Human Evaluation Lectures: August 1951

Foundation Auditors Congress: October 1951

Second Annual Conference of Hubbard Dianetic Auditors (Life Continuum Lectures) - Wichita: December 1951

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