During this period, L. Ron Hubbard continued training the ships’ crews while living aboard the Apollo.

Mr. Hubbard issued more than three hundred instructional letters, covering all nautical duties from engine room maintenance to fire drills and from navigation to small boat handling.

Aboard the Apollo, he delivered 19 lectures and developed a new advanced course in the fall of 1968. The Class VIII Course was designed to train auditors to the point of complete, invariable certainty on all the fundamentals of auditing, and application of those principles, without error.


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The Class VIII Course Lectures - September 1968

The Class VIII Auditor Course is unique to all others in that it brings you to a standard of perfect understanding and application of the basics of auditing. Leading to Class VIII, in each training level the auditor learns different styles of auditing, processes, techniques and theory. On the Class VIII Course, an auditor (or case supervisor, as described under “Auditor Supervision”) develops an exact, unvarying standard of application of every fundamental of auditing and the mind — all to achieve stellar results on any preclear.At Class VIII, you must know and be able to apply all auditing skills instinctively and advance preclears to higher states of spiritual awareness and ability, no matter the level of auditing applied. And as there are no shortcuts to attaining this, the Class VIII service rigorously brings you to that level of flawless, invariable, precise skill.The highest standards of auditing are upheld until every auditing procedure is absolutely mastered. One must study the materials of the course three times, including nineteen original Class VIII Course lectures by Mr. Hubbard, in order to reach the understanding which underlies a Class VIII Auditor’s effortless competence.The basic fundamental learned on the Class VIII Course is this: That there are many ways to incorrectly do the processes of auditing. But there is only one correct way to do them, and that way is drilled in until it becomes part of one.The power in the vast technical data of Scientology becomes concentrated into a relatively few essentials. In the hands of a Class VIII Auditor these essentials produce the high-velocity gains which result from perfect application.

- Available upon request and verification of case and training level from AOGP -

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