In February of 1957, L. Ron Hubbard traveled to Puerto Rico where he continued researching and writing.

In April, he flew to London, England once more to deliver a series of lectures on auditing techniques and then traveled to back to Washington, D.C.

While still concentrating on further organizational and administrative developments and delivering over 145 public lectures, L. Ron Hubbard also wrote Scientology Clear Procedure, Issue I and Control and the Mechanics of S.C.S. to better speed an individual’s spiritual progress in auditing to Clear.

16th Advanced Clinical Course - Washington D.C.: January - February 1957

17th Advanced Clinical Course Washington, D.C.: -  February to March 1957

Communication Course TR's Lectures: May 1957

The London Congress on Nuclear Radiation Control: April 1957

The Freedom Congress Lectures: July 1957

18th Advanced Clinical Course - Washington, D.C.: July - August 1957

The Ability Congress Lectures: December 1957

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