In February of 1957, L. Ron Hubbard traveled to Puerto Rico where he continued researching and writing.

In April, he flew to London, England once more to deliver a series of lectures on auditing techniques and then traveled to back to Washington, D.C.

While still concentrating on further organizational and administrative developments and delivering over 145 public lectures, L. Ron Hubbard also wrote Scientology Clear Procedure, Issue I and Control and the Mechanics of S.C.S. to better speed an individual’s spiritual progress in auditing to Clear.



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16th Advanced Clinical Course - Washington D.C.: January - February 1957

Despite the heated public controversy over radiation fallout, what none of the “experts” could have revealed was its whole track history. And, consequently, none could have identified its realmenace. As L. Ron Hubbard revealed, “‘You can’t see it. You can’t feel it. You can’t…’ These are the engramic phrases behind the whole effect of radiation.” So immediately after the Anti‑Radiation Congress, where he warned that the rising radiation count paralleled the increasing difficulty of cases, he convened the 16th American ACC to teach, with urgency, an auditing solution of truly historic dimensions: “In this ACC we’re going to cover Communication, Control and Havingness. That’s the total of our coverage.” Here, then, are the lectures where Mr. Hubbard introduced—anddemonstrated in a live auditing session—a technical breakthrough ranking in importance with ARC and removing the barriers to broad scale clearing. Destined to stand as a fundamental processing regimen on the road to Clear and OT, CCH marked a new depth of undercut in providing the entrance point to every case. Moreover, L. Ron Hubbard was about to do the same for auditors with a series of revolutionary training procedures drawn from the very fabric of CCH discoveries.

17th Advanced Clinical Course Washington, D.C.: -  February to March 1957

The United States, Great Britain and Soviet Russia all now possessed atomic weapons, all of them much deadlier than anything in history. But what their diplomats did not possess, L. Ron Hubbard reminded auditors, was knowledge of “the most tiny fundamentals of getting along with another individual or group. This they do not know.” In consequence, a potential cataclysm loomed. Even without war, nuclear testing spewed radiation, restimulating people onto their First Dynamics. The solution required a basic attitude to the world at large: Auditor to preclear. Hence, the renewed importance of Control, Communication and Havingness (CCH) in terms of planetary salvage. And what Mr. Hubbard delivered on the 17th American ACC was intensive instruction on the components of CCH—from Dummy Auditing to teach the Communication Formula, to what would become CCH 1, CCH 2, Tone 40 on an Object and Tone 40 on a Person. Here, indeed, is a comprehensive overview of virtually every single fundamental—the Parts of Man, ARC, the Tone Scale—specifically in terms of reversing societal decline. Then, crossing the Atlantic, L. Ron Hubbard released these breakthroughs to an even wider sphere at the London Congress on Nuclear Radiation, Control & Health.

Communication Course TR's Lectures: May 1957

The London Congress on Nuclear Radiation Control: April 1957

A Congress so important, it was held at London’s Royal Empire Society Hall. Having already provided the initial results of his research, with solutions in place to address the immediate effects of radiation, L. Ron Hubbard’s research continued at an even more urgent pace. Point of fact—in the three months that intervened between Congresses he delivered no less than 83 lectures, personally instructing two Advanced Clinical Courses for auditors. And what that research revealed was not only the rock-bottom eternal answer to radiation, but a technical milestone which stands to this day as the means to reach every case: Control, Communication and Havingness (CCH). It’s a trio he described as ranking in importance with Affinity, Reality and Communication (ARC) and, in application, capable of resolving the problems of Man with a simplicity that cannot be exaggerated. At the heart of this Congress is Mr. Hubbard’s definitive trilogy of lectures on radiation—lectures so groundbreaking that copies were immediately requested by Members of Parliament and which form the basis of the book, All About Radiation.

The Freedom Congress Lectures: July 1957

While only a few months since his previous Congress, this next one just couldn’t wait. L. Ron Hubbard called it the Freedom Congressbecause it began on July 4th—America’s Day of Independence—and because the Congress would address freedom from human confusion. Specifically, the application of CCHs was achieving a new level of case gain. With it, a skilled auditor could process a day-old baby, a person in a coma, a total psychotic and most importantly, a person in very good shape. There was however a predicament. The effectiveness of CCHs depended on the auditor’s own case and tone level—in fact, Tone 40. How then could the processes to reach every case be applied on a broad basis if every auditor must first advance their own case to Clear? The answer revolutionized training and processing: The Upper Indoctrination Training Drills (TRs). As for what they meant to every Scientologist—far more than just teaching an auditor skill, they quite literally make a “synthetic Clear.” And that’s just the start of what you’ll hear. For when Upper Indoc hits the stage in the Freedom Congress—it hits with a bang!

18th Advanced Clinical Course - Washington, D.C.: July - August 1957

With the CCH's, L. Ron Hubbard had the means for auditors to crack even the “toughest” cases. Although the processes demanded the stamina and skill of an auditor at Tone 40—a level at which only Clears and OTs qualified—Mr. Hubbard had already released the solution at the Freedom Congress, where he demonstrated it by coaching Upper Indoctrination Training Drills (TRs). And in the 18th ACC, he then put these new techniques in the hands of auditors. Given that the essence of TRs is the ability to perceive, he set course with his classic statement on confronting—Scientology & Effective Knowledge. Then, ACC students literally pioneered the bedrock of future training. With TRs as a vital undercut to processes, Mr. Hubbard taught a battery of related discoveries: the definition and application of necessity level; the use of Informal Auditing, Formal Auditing and Tone 40 Auditing; the relationship of the Effect Scale to Tone Scale level and the long‑sought answers to one of Man’s oldest mysteries—death. Here, then, is the full technical application of the revolutionary breakthrough that not only changed Academies forever, but provided Man with his first workable technology on how to confront.

The Ability Congress Lectures: December 1957

Attendees were greeted with a handwritten note, “Hello Congress! Neither you nor the field will ever be the same again after this one.” And neither they nor the rest of the Scientology world ever were.Capping a year of breakthroughs, with processes to reach every case, and training drills that revolutionized auditing, L. Ron Hubbard was about to present the means for a new civilization—a world based on you. It all stemmed from the discovery that, “The aberrated Third Dynamic is the summed irresponsibilities of the First Dynamic. An insane group is one formed by the weak to protect them against the strong. A sane group is an expression of communication by those who could each one stand alone.” And so came Mr. Hubbard’s watershed technology on both the importance of groups and the means to create real Third Dynamics. Whereupon he provided program after program, with the step-by-step actions expressly aimed at galvanizing others around a survival cause. As for that world based on you—here is the dramatic discovery of the true nature of mental image pictures—a breakthrough of such importance he said it should be written on a piece of golden paper. After all, it opened the gates to discovering the ability you’ve always had for billions of years. Here then is the Congress where L. Ron Hubbard moved Scientology, as a whole, three feet behind society’s head.

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