In the year 1962, L. Ron Hubbard continued to deliver the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course to students from all over the world at Saint Hill on an almost daily basis.

In the first week of September, Mr. Hubbard took a short break from delivering the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lectures and traveled to Washington, D.C., to offer an eight-lecture congress over three days.

With the delivery of 252 lectures in 1962, it would prove to be the largest body of lectures in one calendar year for the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.



Technical Bulletins for 1962 can be found at this link in chronological order here on the site in PDF format and are downloadable. - (Under construction and usable)


The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course - Year 2

Clearing Success Congress - September 1962 - Washington D.C., USA

As a fitting finale to the Scientology Congresses, L. Ron Hubbard’s last came right from the topmost level. It was the breakthrough that would lead to the development of the Clearing Course, the Grade Chart and the Organizing Board. It was a discovery that embracive, that basic—because it is Basic Purpose. As he reveals, “Every engram we have explored, every piece of black mass, every ridge, every white-burning fire, every everything that went on in the mind comes about because of a change or alteration in a person’s Basic Purpose.” And that’s just the beginning of what Mr. Hubbard discovered, for when you hear his lecture, Basic Purpose, you’ll have a whole new understanding of what “Know Thyself” really means. Yet beyond all this discovery was generating, in terms of faster clearing in greater numbers, there’s another reason this was called the Clearing Success Congress. For if you’ve ever wondered how it all fits together—the technology, the organizations, the combined force of Scientologists, the answers are all here. From the landmark lecture on the pivotal role of Scientology Organizations in driving planetary clearing, Your Scientology Orgs and What They Do for You, to his exact program on how to make it a reality—World Clearing and You. Here, then, is L. Ron Hubbard’s final Congress and the road map to a Cleared Planet.

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