In recognition of the spiritual nature of L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophy, a number of Scientologists in Los Angeles, California formed the first Church of Scientology in February of 1954.

L. Ron Hubbard further researched and developed the religious philosophy of Scientology in Phoenix, Arizona, where he delivered more than 460 lectures and continued to write extensively on Scientology.

3rd Advanced Clinical Course: January - February 1954

4th Advanced Clinical Course - Phoenix Arizona: February - March 1954

5th Advanced Clinical Course: March 1954

6th American Advanced Clinical Course: May 1954

Universe Processes Congress: June 1954

7th Advanced Clinical Course: June - July 1954

The Phoenix Lectures: July 1954

8th Advanced Clinical Course: October - November 1954

Phoenix Certification Course Lectures - November 1954

The Unification Congress Lectures - December 1954

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