In recognition of the spiritual nature of L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophy, a number of Scientologists in Los Angeles, California formed the first Church of Scientology in February of 1954.

L. Ron Hubbard further researched and developed the religious philosophy of Scientology in Phoenix, Arizona, where he delivered more than 460 lectures and continued to write extensively on Scientology. 1954 would prove to be his most proflific year in number of lectures given and miles traveled in so doing.




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3rd American Advanced Clinical Course: January - February 1954

Such was the demand from auditors in the West for L. Ron Hubbard’s personal instruction that he scheduled a “Western Clinical Course” in Phoenix, Arizona. Jubilant Western Dianeticists and Scientologists little knew how well‑founded their exuberance was. Although the talk was of SOP 8‑C, Mr. Hubbard had already advanced its use with a special form of SOP 8‑C, one that could be audited on a group. But if students experienced that breakthrough at the preceding Congress, what awaited them on the 3rd American ACC was not only SOP 8‑C to accomplish Theta Clear, but SOP 8‑O to achieve an even higher goal: Operating Thetan. Addressed to the thetan exterior, SOP 8‑O marked the development of a procedure intrinsic to restoring a thetan’s ability to handle energy. As L. Ron Hubbard stated, “You’re working in the high level of knowingness of the thetan. And, of course, his potentiality of knowingness is total.” Thus came a range of skills, including Opening Procedure of 8‑C used with the next‑to‑last list of Self Analysis on both lower‑level cases andexteriorized thetans. In addition to technical advances, the 3rd ACC marked a watershed organizationally, with Phoenix becoming headquarters of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists.

4th American Advanced Clinical Course - Phoenix Arizona: February - March 1954

“Every time we can remedy a more difficult case, we find that an easy case remedies faster.” To the end of remedying all cases, L. Ron Hubbard had made a breakthrough embraced by a single powerful word—Beingness. What followed was brand‑new data from Mr. Hubbard on Beingness Processing, enabling a preclear to be or unbe anything. Here is the key to halt the downward spiral and move a being from Compulsive Beingness to Self‑determined Beingness—and straight on up to Knowingness. Of no less significance were the training breakthroughs, with students learning not only what to audit, but why, and an auditor training approach no ACC student could have expected. Rather than theory instruction, he relayed the data by processing the group. That meant 48 sessions on subjects including the Second Dynamic, imagination, changing ideas, exteriorization and ownership. And with a meter, the E‑AR‑400, to demonstrate the basal metabolism test, Mr. Hubbard explained the relation between thetan and body as regards metabolism, with students checking their metabolism on the E‑AR‑400 before group sessions. When the 4th American ACC concluded, some 30 auditors promptly went to work in the field, generating miracle after miracle success by applying these breakthroughs from L. Ron Hubbard.

5th American Advanced Clinical Course: March 1954

If each preceding ACC signaled a milestone advance—exteriorization, livingness, beingness—what unfolded on the 5th American ACC was just as significant. It concerned universes, or as L. Ron Hubbard explained, “It is better, far better for the individual to concentrate upon his own universe, than to concentrate upon the mest universe. But this, in itself, is not the final answer. A balance is achieved in the three universes and certainty upon those universes.” The creator of a universe is its “god” and he who enters another’s universe is subject to its postulates and laws, a predicament affecting most preclears. These discoveries yielded an arsenal of technology: Advanced Course Procedure, to accomplish the primary auditing goal of the preclear changing his mind; SOP 8‑D, including a technique to separate interwoven universes, and Viewpoint Straightwire and Be, Do, Have Straightwire to enable a preclear to tolerate any viewpoints in anyuniverse. Throughout, Mr. Hubbard stressed fundamentals, providing descriptions of time, space, engrams, facsimiles and the static, with an entire lecture on how to audit Self Analysis. Here, then, are the keys to unlocking the secrets of universes and making one’s postulates stick.

6th American Advanced Clinical Course: May 1954

L. Ron Hubbard had delivered five ACCs at a scorching pace: 317 lectures in 147 days. Despite increased auditor skill, none could match his results. Seeking why, Mr. Hubbard made a crucial discovery—Duplication. “Auditors can’t duplicate. What do you mean, duplicate? That’s just, do the same as. That’s all. Can’t do it. What’s the matter with cases? They can’t duplicate.” Not only is duplication the basic action of existence, but its failure is the primary degeneration of a thetan. Thus Mr. Hubbard taught the solution in Procedure 30, comprising three processes: Problems and Solutions, Granting of Beingness and Opening Procedure by Duplication. Moreover, he also delivered an overview of theory, principles and mechanics: Definitions of Scientology, with their practical application in processing, Three Levels of Healing with ways to handle individuals in pain, how to audit easy cases (auditors meet many) and a demonstration of the Grand Tour. As training, ACC students attended the Universe Processes Congress where L. Ron Hubbard broadly released these breakthroughs. And, reaching into the community, he launched “Operation Phoenix,” with auditors ministering in homes and hospitals, resulting in miracle case histories—the lame walking, the blind seeing, and more.

Universe Processes Congress: June 1954

The setting was Phoenix, Arizona, and yet another milestone. Specifically, Duplication, and its role both in the preclear’s ability to As-is and exteriorize and the auditor’s skill to achieve that result. Here is the Congress where L. Ron Hubbard unveiled Procedure 30,comprising three breakthrough processes: the soon-to-be legendary Opening Procedure by Duplication, Problems and Solutions and Granting of Beingness. Yet Congress attendees received far more than a mere description, with Mr. Hubbard delivering these processes to the group. No matter the rave results, the greater story was yet to come. First, with technology to reach every case, publication of the first Group Auditor’s Handbook and Group Processing as a mainstay of Scientology. Second, the breakthroughs of Duplication, resulting in processes to vanquish one’s reactive mind. And finally, the lightning advance to the full codification of technology from this era of development to the pinnacle of thetan ability. For within months L. Ron Hubbard had codified not only the Axioms of Scientology, but processes drawn from the very core of those Axioms that crack the very bottom rung of cases and reach to the accomplishment of exterior OT ability. This, then, is the Congress that bridges from theta potentials in Scientology 8-8008 to the state of OT and The Creation of Human Ability.

7th Advanced Clinical Course: June - July 1954 (Temporarily Incomplete)

Isolating every drill and process found most workable in the hands of other auditors, L. Ron Hubbard now distilled them into Intensive Procedure—a single processing regimen whereby a preclear could achieve exteriorization and exercise his abilities as a thetanindependent of a body. For the goal had advanced far beyond self‑determinism and now embraced: “willingness to be cause or effect, source‑point, receipt‑point, willingness to be anything, to cause anything, to be the effect of anything, willingness to tolerate any distance, tolerate mass or lack of it and tolerate the whole business of knowingness.” With the accent on increasing ability, Scientology had reached a new plateau. Underlying Intensive Procedure were the Axioms of Scientology, most particularly the importance and power of communication. Here is an arsenal of technology toward case resolution, including the relationship of the Communication Formula in exteriorization and Communication Processes to increase the abilities of an exteriorized thetan. And before the 7th American ACC ended, Mr. Hubbard not only expanded Intensive Procedure but authored the Auditor’s Handbook, later published as The Creation of Human Ability. Here, then, is the very essence of the Scientology religion.

The Phoenix Lectures: July 1954

Here is the panoramic view of Scientology complete. Having codified the subject of Scientology in The Creation of Human Ability,L. Ron Hubbard then delivered a series of half-hour lectures to specifically accompany a full study of the book. From the essentials that underlie the technology—The Axioms, Conditions of Existence and Considerations and Mechanics, to the processes of Intensive Procedure, including twelve lectures describing one-by-one the thetan exterior processes of Route 1—it’s all covered in full, providing a conceptual understanding of the science of knowledge and native state OT ability. Here then are the bedrock principles upon which everything in Scientology rests, including the embracive statement of the religion and its heritage—Scientology, Its General Background.Hence, this is the watershed lecture series on Scientology itself, and the axiomatic foundation for all future research.

8th Advanced Clinical Course: October - November 1954

Since the start of the Advanced Clinical Courses, L. Ron Hubbard had been developing processes that could be taught, that auditors could apply. In consequence, “We now know how and exactly what to teach to make auditors.” Thus the 8th ACC began with taped lectures from previous ACCs, encompassing the core fundamentals to accompany a study of The Creation of Human Ability. With the 26 lectures Mr. Hubbard then delivered for this ACC, he was ensuring that every auditor knew his data cold. Specifically, Route 1 and Route 2 of Intensive Procedure—to enable any preclear to operate exterior—with Mr. Hubbard emphasizing certainty in application: “The science which you are studying right now is the experience to be encountered by and with life in its action upon any universe. That’s in Scientology. That’s the broad scope of Scientology: It’s the experience to be encountered by any life in any universe. And those are the fifty Axioms. They’re quite important Axioms and you should go over them very carefully.” Go over them carefully those auditors certainly did. For the power of the auditing procedures was so great preclears would evolve those Axioms—an understanding of existence itself—on their own.

Phoenix Certification Course Lectures ("Cause-Distance-Effect") - November 1954

To train volume auditors, L. Ron Hubbard had opened a Hubbard Professional College, now delivering its first Professional Course. And when he stepped to the podium for the first lecture, the mood was alive with anticipation. Mr. Hubbard wasted no time relaying a startling discovery: inability to recall is caused by scarcity of past. Thus, the astonishing datum: nobody in the last hundred thousand years has been able to remember at will anything on the time track. The solution lay in Straightwire, wherein the auditor recovers the preclear’s ability to be at Cause. Here, then, is the integral role Straightwire plays in the six most basics processes of Scientology: Two-way Communication, Elementary Straightwire, Opening Procedure of 8-C, Opening Procedure by Duplication, Remedy of Havingness and Spotting Spots in Space. With L. Ron Hubbard demanding student application, auditors set out to bring the miracles of Scientology to the Phoenix community and, indeed, miracles in abundance there soon were. Yet the greater miracle concerned the auditors. For as Mr. Hubbard declared in inaugurating that training school: “The auditor, succeeding uniformly with cases, becomes better in ability and health than the best preclear on whom he practices. And this is a processing fact.”

The Unification Congress Lectures - December 1954

The historic Congress announcing the reunification of the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology with the release of Dianetics 55! Until now, each had operated in their own sphere: Dianetics addressed Man as Man—the first four dynamics—while Scientology addressed life itself—the Fifth to Eighth Dynamics. The formula which would serve as the foundation for all future development was contained in a single word: Communication. It was a paramount breakthrough L. Ron Hubbard would later call, “...the great discovery of Dianetics and Scientology.” Here, then, are the lectures, as it happened.

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