While in Washington, DC, L. Ron Hubbard delivered 18 lectures in one week outlining his discoveries on such subjects as the importance of honesty and individual responsibility. He then returned home to Saint Hill.

In March, after extensive research and investigation, L. Ron Hubbard wrote the book, Have You Lived Before This Life?

After delivering over 30 more lectures at Saint Hill and in London, he traveled to South Africa in September, where he standardized the operation and administration of South African organizations.

At the end of the year, he once more returned to Washington, DC, and finished the year by delivering three lectures, including The State of Man Congress Lectures.



Technical Bulletins for 1960 can be found at this link in chronological order here on the site in PDF format and are downloadable. - (Under construction and usable)


State of Man Congress: January 1960

Beginning with Book One in 1950, and continuing through each successive year, it was a decade of monumental discoveries and milestone technology towards the goal of Clear. Here, then, is the Congress that launched the next decade, and set the whole of Scientology towards Operating Thetan. It all followed from the very definition of OT as “knowing and willing cause over all dynamics.” For while all earlier efforts were aimed at clearing people on the First Dynamic, L. Ron Hubbard opened this one with the startling announcement: “What I’ve arrived at this Congress with was how to clear them on the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Dynamics.” While even more startling was the breakthrough that made it possible: Responsibility and the watershed technology of Overts and Withholds. Here, then, is technology spanning every dynamic from the individual, to marriage, to entire governments. Here, too, is the very long view of the overt–motivator sequence across scores of lifetimes, and why that whole track seems so dim. Finally, here is lecture after lecture, each now legendary in its own right—from Responsibility, Overts and Withholds, Why People Don’t Like You and Your Case. Technology drawn from Mr. Hubbard’s first OT Research, and the crucial make-break of case gain—herein lies the key to responsibility across all dynamics, and hence, your route to the State of OT.

London Congress on Dissemination: June 1960

The “magic formula” of dissemination! With technology now capable of handling any case, the only remaining barrier was getting them into the session so it could be applied. And that’s the story of L. Ron Hubbard’s discovery of four buttons so powerful, he dubbed them the “Deadly Quartet.”

It all stemmed from his observation that before preclears could make gains, they had to be interested in their own cases. Yet what he found is that most people were below any interest—even in life itself. He tracked that down to basic and found the factor of Help was the major factor. Specifically, previous help had so often failed most felt it wasn’t even possible. That’s what led him to develop Presession Processes—so named since they were necessary before any session could even begin—to bring preclears up to the point where they knew help was possible, and were now interested in getting some!

Moreover, Mr. Hubbard discovered these same factors could be addressed outside the auditing room and, in fact, were the answer to dissemination itself. Indeed, they not only got anyone interested in Scientology, but—since they are a process—provided case gain even when used in dissemination. Here, then, are two lecture series in one. First, he delivered the London Open Evening Lectures, to both Scientologists and their friends—expanding on these factors and, in fact, demonstrating their use in dissemination! Next, to teach their application in both auditing and dissemination, he called together Scientologists for the London Congress on Dissemination & Help. Here, then, are L. Ron Hubbard’s public lectures on bringing Scientology to the world, and the means for you to do the same and so help get the rest of the planet in session.

1st Saint Hill Advanced Clinical Course: August - September 1960

From L. Ron Hubbard’s discovery of the four factors requisite to any auditing session—Help, Control, Communication and Interest—came a new era of case gain extending up from the bottom of The Bridge. Known as the Deadly Quartet, these factors furnished both the means to eliminate the barriers to case advance and a powerful dissemination tool. Before Interest can awaken, the other three factors must be addressed, and in particular that greatest ability of the human race and make‑break point of a being—Help. After demonstrating the Deadly Quartet in the London Congress on Dissemination & Help, Mr. Hubbard provided the technology for starting a preclear upward with Presessioning, the processes and procedures to get anyone in session: willing to be helped, under the control of an auditor, in communication and interested in own case. Moreover, here is his first fully embracive statement on auditor presence and altitude—essential factors enabling the preclear to confront his case, and bringing into practical reality the auditing maxim: Auditor plus pc is greater than bank. As Mr. Hubbard’s only ACC at Saint Hill, this is where he codified modern auditing. It therefore stands as his premier ACC for all auditors.

Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress Lectures: December 1960

With new breakthroughs in place to reach any case, L. Ron Hubbard was ready to “throw the switch” on planetary expansion. And here is where that switch connected: with a new course to present Dianetics and Scientology basics in a whole new way. It followed from the simple premise: While one can demonstrate chemical reactions or the workings of machines, how does one demonstrate the parts and phenomena of the human mind and spirit? Mr. Hubbard provides the answer, and shows how to do it with the Anatomy of the Human Mind Course. Here, then, is his onstage demonstration of the “Things of Scientology,” each as solid and real as anything in the physical sciences. As he further explained, no previous field of the mind could ever demonstrate such things as they were all “figure-figure.” Well, there’s none of that here. Not when those live demonstrations included the most colorful and lively demonstrations of any Congress—from test tubes and static electricity, to skulls and brains—all to demonstrate what is the mind and what isn’t. Moreover, here is the means for every Scientologist to show people they are a spiritual being, what the mind really is and that Scientology can help them. And now you know why, in asking attendees, “Where do we go from here?” L. Ron Hubbard gave the answer, “We’re going to go all the way.” For the gates had been opened to bring understanding to everyone.

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