Motoring across Europe to Barcelona, L. Ron Hubbard followed World War II invasion routes to study the effects the devastation had on populations. He also researched European university systems.

L. Ron Hubbard returned to Phoenix, where he released breakthroughs that enabled individuals to explore their past and improve their reactions toward life. During this period, Mr. Hubbard also researched the basics of organization and developed principles that any group could use to survive and prosper.

He delivered 232 lectures and wrote two more books.

The Factors Lecture Series - London, England: March - April 1953

1st International Congress of Dianetics and Scientologists: September - October 1953

1st Advanced Clinical Course (Exteriorization and Space): October 1953

2nd Advanced Clinical Course: December 1953

The 2nd International Congress for Dianeticists and Scientologists - "The Western Congress": Late December 1953

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