Motoring across Europe to Barcelona, L. Ron Hubbard followed World War II invasion routes to study the effects the devastation had on populations. He also researched European university systems.

L. Ron Hubbard returned to Phoenix, where he released breakthroughs that enabled individuals to explore their past and improve their reactions toward life. During this period, Mr. Hubbard also researched the basics of organization and developed principles that any group could use to survive and prosper.

He delivered 232 lectures and wrote two more books by the end of 1953.




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The Factors Lecture Series - London, England: March - April 1953

It was the spring of 1953 and having returned to London from Philadelphia, Mr. Hubbard was soon extending special invitations announcing a new Professional Course.

It was an astonishing announcement for more than a few reasons. 1952 had already seen an unrelenting wave of breakthroughs and new technology. Beginning with the first course on Scientology, it had already advanced to the whole track, electronics of human thought and the very anatomy of theta and Operating Thetan. In point of fact—and  if only to emphasize the new plateau that had been reached—was L. Ron Hubbard’s legendary Philadelphia Doctorate Course of December/January 1952/1953.

Yet if that course did, indeed, embrace the vast scope of the very essence of life itself, it also opened the gate to something even greater: The Factors: Summation of the Considerations and Examinations of the Human Spirit and Material Universe. Here was far more than merely the “next level of advance.” he had brought the entire subject to such a level of precision and cohesion that his 30 statement summation was no less than monumental, providing the very laws of the theta universe which are, quite literally, Universal Truth. Moreover, that truth could not only be known, it could be experienced.

Then, too, while those Factors unlock the riddle of creation, the final breakthrough that made it possible was no less universal:

“You know that people keep talking about the universal solvent. You know the universal solvent is something you couldn’t even keep in a bucket. And the reason you couldn’t keep this in a bucket is it’d go through the bucket and if it hit the ground, it’d go through the planet. Universal solvent would eventually eat up the whole universe. And there have been a lot of stories about the universal solvent. Well, we had to discover it here, I’m sorry to say. It happens to be admiration.”

While as for the power of that universal solvent, Mr. Hubbard further describes how, with admiration alone, one could make MEST disappear and, theoretically, even make the universe go boom—to say nothing of one’s own case. And that is why the lectures he was about to deliver were something virtually nobody could have expected: a postgraduate to the very Doctorate Course, the course of YOU.

Then, too, came the expansion of Scientology 8-8008, not only amplifying what the book already contained, but providing no less than eight new chapters—The Factors, Universes, Behavior of Universes, Terminals, Logic, Assist Processing, Communication and new technology of Certainty Processing.

1st International Congress of Dianetics and Scientologists: September - October 1953

A letter from L. Ron Hubbard told how the technology had reached miracle level: “I can break a really rough case in 20 or 25 hours at the outside—change it utterly—and I can change a chronic somatic in half an hour. I can make kids walk in a few minutes who were crippled.” Mr. Hubbard had not only solved human aberration and psychosomatic illness, he had demonstrated the true nature of every individual as a spiritual being. Having discovered the full potentialities of a being at Operating Thetan in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course, Scientology 8-8008 and The Factors, he now set about to codify auditing techniques, write texts and train auditors. Nearly 400 delegates gathered in Philadelphia, where Mr. Hubbard told them a tool now existed to construct a new civilization. Hence, he emphasized organizational action and cooperation, enumerating functions a Scientologist should advance in society and which—through action—answer the question, “What is a Scientologist?” Here is a Congress that simultaneously spans L. Ron Hubbard research from the exteriorization techniques of SOP 8 and provides a means to bring a humane civilization to Man.

1st American Advanced Clinical Course (Exteriorization and Space): October 1953

No matter the heights L. Ron Hubbard had scaled in discovering the laws of the theta universe and the potentials of OT, his next step was to be even more momentous. For with the inauguration of the Advanced Clinical Courses (ACCs), he specifically aimed at developing processes and training auditors to achieve those potentials in everybeing. And on the 1st American ACC, those results stemmed from Mr. Hubbard’s watershed discoveries on exteriorization and its relation to rehabilitating a being to native state. As he told student auditors: “Exteriorization shouldn’t be put down in your book as a process. It’s not a process. It is a natural condition which we’re restoring to a preclear.” Here is not only its theory and mechanics, but its accomplishment through the seven steps of Standard Operating Procedure 8 (SOP 8). Mr. Hubbard opened a clinic right on the premises and throughout the ACC—and under his direct supervision—ACC students audited preclears ranging from those with no knowledge of Scientology to those who were “impossible” cases. Auditor demand for L. Ron Hubbard’s personal instruction continued to grow. His response? No less than eight ACCs would follow in the next 12 months, culminating in the route to exterior OT ability.

2nd American Advanced Clinical Course: December 1953

Lecturing morning, afternoon and evening, supervising ACC co‑audits in between, L. Ron Hubbard traced lack of successful auditor performance to lack of understanding of the basic definitionsof Dianetics and Scientology. Whereas that breakthrough would change the shape of training, another would do the same as regards auditing. Calling it “the finest thing that a thetan can do,” he detailed its application in “The Granting of Beingness,” a lecture which became required study at all ACCs. Yet an even bigger story attended the 2nd American ACC, comprising the foundation of entrance to allcases: “SOP 8‑C is first used step by step, from Step I on, until the person to whom it is addressed knows he is back of his head and no longer in the body.” Obtaining for the preclear the knowledge that he is a creative energy‑production unit, SOP 8‑C demonstrated his purposes and abilities. Its multitude of breakthroughs included Opening Procedure of SOP 8‑C, providing the key to unlock the entrance to every case: the willingness to receive directions and, hence, free oneself through auditing. Indeed, Opening Procedure generated results of such magnitude L. Ron Hubbard decided to devote his efforts to full‑time training of auditors.

The 2nd International Congress for Dianeticists and Scientologists - "The Western Congress": Late December 1953

With Scientologists in the western United States clamoring for a Congress in their own locales, L. Ron Hubbard convened a “Western Congress” in Phoenix, Arizona. What particularly set this Congress apart was how he imparted the data on his latest breakthroughs, for as reported in the Journal of Scientology, “presentation of technical material was kept to an absolute minimum, L. Ron Hubbard presenting the majority of the important technique and procedure in the form of processes upon the group.” In this way, he provided a model for delegates to group process people in their own communities, with the concentration on Standard Operating Procedure 8-C (SOP 8-C) and Self Analysis lists. Here, too, was Mr. Hubbard’s introduction of the new audio meter (later known as a “beep meter”), the most advanced meter to date, not only featuring a probe that could register pain spots on a human being but providing the means to demonstrate that a being can create an energy current in another being. In sum, here was a Congress packed with technical data, expanding the ranks of trained Scientologists who carried these breakthroughs to a broader public and, thereby, generating a healthy crop of new field groups.

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