Returning to Dublin,Ireland, L. Ron Hubbard researched and developed the exact steps and actions a person should follow to establish a successful Scientology mission anywhere in the world.

He also wrote a book containing simple but powerful precepts that allow anyone improve their life immediately.

In Barcelona, Spain, he conducted additional research, then returned to Washington, DC, where he delivered a series of lectures covering a person's spiritual and material requirements.

He then sailed back to England aboard the "Queen Elizabeth", during which time he wrote a book providing solutions to day-to-day job stress.

After delivering 12 lectures on human problems in London, England, he again returned to Washington, DC.

While delivering more than 130 lectures, detailing solutions to such problems as environmental radiation and the failings of groups, L. Ron Hubbard also ran both the new Washington and London Scientology organizations. During this year, he also found the time to write two more books: Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought and The Problems of Work.

London Auditors Meeting ("The Remedy of Havingness"): December 1955 - February 1956

Hubbard Professional Course - "Application of Games Theory": February 1956

The Professional Course Lectures - August 1956

Games Congress Lectures: August - September 1956

The London Congress on Human Problems - October 1956

15th Advanced Clinical Course - October - November 1956

The Organizational Series Lectures - Washington D.C.: October - November 1956

Congress On Anti-Radiation And Confront Lectures Wash. DC: December 1956

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