The year of 1959 was a busy one for L. Ron Hubbard. He defined the duties in various Scientology churches and delivered 16 lectures on auditing refinements in Washington, DC.

In March, he began negotiations to purchase Saint Hill Manor in Sussex, England which, would be his home for the next seven years.

In May, with negotiations completed, L. Ron Hubbard moved his residence to the 55-acre estate. The worldwide headquarters of Scientology was then moved to Saint Hill shortly after.

During this time, Mr. Hubbard began another line of research involving different orders of life. In his Saint Hill greenhouses, he conducted horticultural experiments that brought about significant increases in plant growth. His discoveries were written published in international horticultural magazines and received extensive coverage in daily newspapers.

After the first E-Meter designed and built to his exact specifications was produced, he began an around-the-world trip on 16 October. He traveled to Greece, India, Melbourne, Hawaii, San Francisco, and New York before arriving back at Saint Hill in the first week of December.

While in Melbourne, he delivered 38 lectures. While in the United States, he wrote and issued an organizing board for American Scientology Churches, which showed what functions were done, the order in which they should be done, and who was responsible for getting them done.

Upon his return to England, L. Ron Hubbard appeared on BBC television to discuss his horticultural experiments. Shortly afterward, he traveled to Washington, DC.

In all, he gave 102 lectures during this year and produced the groundbreaking Scientology Axioms and Logics.

Success Congress: January 1959

21st Advanced Clinical Course: January - February 1959

Special Professional Auditors Course: April 1959

Theta Clear Congress: July 1959

The Melbourne Congress: Early November 1959

First Melbourne ACC - Responsibility and the State of OT: November 1959

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