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Lectures of 1967


On January 2, Mr. Hubbard arrives in Tangier, Morocco, to continue his research into higher states of spiritual being.

He travels to Las Palmas, Canary Islands, where he meets the Enchanter which arrives on 25 February.

With a group of dedicated Scientologists, most of whom had never been to sea, L. Ron Hubbard forms the Sea Organization. He trains this inexperienced crew into a team of competent and professional mariners in a matter of months.

Joined by yet another vessel, the Avon River (later renamed the Athena), he and his crews conduct the Hubbard Geological Survey Expedition in the Mediterranean.

Mr. Hubbard’s search for the truth results in one of his most significant breakthroughs in removing the barriers to man’s ability to achieve full spiritual freedom.

This research is fully codified and made available to advanced Scientologists.

In November Mr. Hubbard travels to England and accepts delivery of the 3,200-ton vessel Royal Scotman, later renamed The Apollo as a further expansion of the Sea Organization into the future.

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