In March of 1955, L. Ron Hubbard moved from Phoenix to Washington, DC, where the Founding Church of Washington, DC, was formed with Mr. Hubbard as Executive Director. He drafted organizational policies and intensified his work in developing an administrative technology to allow Scientology churches to run smoothly and expand.

During October, L. Ron Hubbard returned to England to deliver lectures in London, while further establishing the London organization. During 1955, Mr. Hubbard delivered over 200 lectures on subjects from counseling techniques to education and alcoholism.

In December, he traveled to Ireland to initiate the formation of an Irish organization in Dublin, and then subsequently returned to England.




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9th Advanced Clinical Course: December 1954 - January 1955

“It will be a great shock to Dianeticists to discover that, although we have the Second Book on Dianetics, that it is totally dedicated to exteriorization. This will be a great shock. But that would be mostly because they never read the First Book.” In speaking of Dianetics 55! L. Ron Hubbard opened the preeminent ACC on communication. Having launched from the standpoint of exteriorization (Scientology 8-8008 and the Philadelphia Doctorate Course), research had concentrated on all auditors attaining that goal with every case. The first plateau was Intensive Procedure, the codification of processes most workable in auditor’s hands, released as the Auditor’s Handbook and then, much expanded, as The Creation of Human Ability. And now the Communication Formula provided the breakthrough to even greater application and, with that, the means to unify Dianetics and Scientology. Scheduling a Congress, Mr. Hubbard immediately convened the 9th American ACC to teach auditors application of Dianetics 55! to make Clears. The 9th ACC stands as the consummate statement of communication, addressing every detail of the subject in depth. Culminating an era of development beginning with the 1st ACC, here is a profound, professional study of the crucial component that would monitor all future auditing.

Hubbard Professional College Lectures: - Phoenix, Arizona: March - May 1955

With the elements of games emerging as a fundamental of auditing, L. Ron Hubbard initiated a very special Professional Course. Whereas he had outlined the theory of games and its application in the Remedy of Havingness—Why Games lectures, he now undertook to instruct students on the exact Application of Games Theory to Processing. Here are the three factors that underlie the phenomenon of being “stuck in a win.” Here, too, is his in‑depth explanation of a no‑game condition. Further, and toward application of specific processes, three lectures are devoted to Six Levels of Processing. This lecture series, recording many of the advances that form the substance of Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought, contains technology so important it would then take its place as a central component of standard auditing. And for a final summary of what that represented, it was no less than the means to restore to beings control of their own destiny. For as Mr. Hubbard told auditors: “You’re the expert in awareness. And you use that awareness to get him aware of barriers and aware of freedom. And if you do that perfectly, you win. And that is the game of auditing.”

Spirit of Man Congress - Washington D.C. : June 1955

Culminating five years of steady advance, the Founding Church of Scientology had just been established in Washington, DC. Summoning Scientologists to the first International Congress in the nation’s capital, L. Ron Hubbard opened with the lecture, The Hope of Man. And the title was more than apt. For what he presented were the results of advancing technology—results that could only be accurately described with a single word: miracles. Physical in nature—deaf children suddenly hearing, crippled children shedding crutches, and sight restored with eyeglasses discarded—and yet all of it accomplished by exclusively addressing the thetan. Inherent to success was a breakthrough explaining the factors of self-determinism, and the very means to restore it in an individual. And the implications of that discovery were fully epic in nature. Mr. Hubbard not only traces the history of all past religions, but he also reveals how every one of their hoped for dreams can now be achieved.

Washington Academy Lectures: July-September 1955

With requests for L. Ron Hubbard’s books now arriving from locations as distant as Cairo and Tel Aviv, Mr. Hubbard determined that a more central location was needed to monitor the growth of international Scientology. Thus was established the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC. Moreover, with that new Church came something else: the first Scientology Academy—the Academy of Religious Arts and Sciences. While these organizational developments marked a first, the story of technical advance likewise presented a monumental picture. Specifically, with the discovery of one of the most far-reaching principles in Scientology, Axiom 53 (the Axiom of the Stable Datum), L. Ron Hubbard had found an answer to all aberration and the basic theory of sanity or ability. And making its entrance in step with Axiom 53 came another milestone—the four postulates that led the thetan to his fall from native state and the processes for their resolution. Mr. Hubbard concurrently hatted auditors on how to disseminate, providing them with The Scientologist: A Manual on Dissemination of Material, and an article, “Start That Practice!” in which he detailed how to carry the torch for success.

London Hubbard Professional Course 4th (London ACC): November 1955

London was already a location having a unique Scientology significance, specifically including L. Ron Hubbard’s lectures in November 1952 (The Command of Theta) in preparation for The Philadelphia Doctorate Course. While that period initiated all that followed in terms of exteriorization, Theta Clearing and OT, this was his first return in almost three years. With the target to make crackerjack auditors, he opened with “the most fundamental fundamental that we can take up”—Rudiments, undercutting even the Auditor’s Code. Then it was onto Six Levels of Processing to restore the pivotal point of case gain—the power of choice. Considering he had delivered no ACC for almost a year, Mr. Hubbard presented a prodigious array of new material including breakthroughs fundamental to all auditing: processes to rehabilitate a preclear’s ability to not-know, and, thereby, undo the First Postulate that led to his fall from native state; Confusion and the Stable Datum—applied to the resolution of the preclear’s present time problems and to living itself, and the handling for preclears who go out of session. Mr. Hubbard’s actions generated so much enthusiasm that the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International expanded into new quarters in one of London’s busiest locales.

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