I just finished my Scientology Drug Rundown with AOGP’s Jonathan Burke as my auditor. It was a very interesting, and at times, challenging process, but I’m very glad to have gotten it done.

One of the cognitions I received was that for me, non-medical drugs were mainly a social interaction tool. I’d do drugs, marijuana and some others, as a way to identify with a group and to make myself part of that group, the way some people use meals and gathering around a buffet table the same way. I realized that there were very few times that I used drugs when I was alone. I also realized that the results of most of the medically prescribed anti-depressants I have taken over years provided mainly a placebo effect for me. I was less depressed because I knew I was on a drug to prevent it, rather than the drug actually having an effect over me.

The big realization for me was that chemicals introduced into my system deter my ability to process what I’m experiencing as I experience it. Drugs slow down the mental processing and often freeze it and these frozen moments drain me of my life energy. Thanks, LRH, Jonathan and AOGP for the wins. I feel freer and more equipped to move further up the Bridge!