For me this was the most spectacular step so far on the BRIDGE. I’ve seen many New OT V success stories and most of them speak about the calmness and ARC they feel for their fellow man and how they feel good.

I definitely can attest that that is very true, I have calmed down so much that it is incredible. I used to worry all the time about being able to succeed. I continually stressed out on whatever I embarked upon. The funny thing is that I was very successful on whatever I undertook mostly because I was moving up the bridge all this time. Everything I did or do always ends up in a success. So why did I worry all the time. New OT V totally handled that. Now I am on a project and I don’t have that stress that I won’t make it. I am 100% sure of its success. And as for the relationship I have with people, I am no longer worried about their behaviours. I am actually in high ARC with them.

Just a couple of days before I completed New OT V, I was amazed on how I reacted on a person who decided to totally invalidate and degrade me in a status meeting. I was totally exterior, not being affected at all and actually seeing that the other members weren’t even really listening to him. I just gave him an acknowledgement and he sat down. And the meeting continued as if nothing happened. Normally this would have been dramatic and I wouldn’t sleep for days wondering what the others thought. Now, as a New OT V, I can attest that that event actually never happened; it just died and faded away. It is not part of any universe or any track. It is erased.

Anyways, the point I would like to communicate, is that Scientology was developed by Ron to make a being more able. By removing all these charges that are burdening you, I guarantee you that all your endeavors will be successful and without undue stress. It cannot be otherwise. Ron gave us this tech to unburden ourselves of all these unwanted personalities so that we can become ourselves,   and that’s the whole goal is to get back to who you really are.

I encourage you all to step up to your full potential. It is not a question of hurrying up the bridge. Each step elevates you gradiently onto new heights never imagined before.  And the point here is the route is made to be applied to life as you go along. Reaching the end of the route without having applied it as you went along would be a total waste of your time. Applying it is probably more important than the knowledge itself. As Ron would say Knowledge was meant to be applied.  It is often stated that an OT is an educated CLEAR.

So what would it boil down to if he did not use what he knew? Moving up the Bridge definitely means flourishing and prospering in life while you are going up the bridge. It’s incredible the magic that happens when you apply the tech. So please flourish and prosper and may the tech be with you.

Thanks Ron. Thanks AOGP, and Jon for being there and being so competent.