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Independent Scientology Success Stories - Conquering Life's Ups and Downs Course

Independent Scientology Success Stories - Conquering Life's Ups and Downs Course

Through taking the “Conquering Ups and Downs” course, I learned the reason why people can find themselves doing well for a time then suddenly not do well at all. This is called “Roller Coastering” and is the result of being suppressed. With this information I was able to look back on periods of my life and better understand why I had trouble at times. As I learned more, I had a few realizations that were like “A-Ha!” moments for me. Understanding why some things in my past happened the way they did made me feel like I was better equipped to move past them and prevent them from happening again.

Thankfully, through this course I was able to rule out suppression as a current factor in my life. I also learned how to deal with suppressive behavior when I am subjected to it. I had heard of suppressive people before, but I had no idea how wide-ranging suppressive behavior was. I learned many different characteristics an SP can have. So far there has been one instance where I was able to notice one of those characteristics in someone and know to be more cautious of them. This is something that could have saved me a lot of trouble in the past! I can now move forward in life more conscious and aware of the people around me and protect myself from anti-social people who could cause me to roller coaster. - M

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