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Independent Scientology Success Stories - Grade 0 Completion

Independent Scientology Success Stories - Grade 0 Completion

I just finished up Grade Zero auditing. Hoorah for me! I know I am much improved because of it. Grade Zero is all about communication. My auditor, Jonathan Burke and I did a lot of communicating about communicating. It was a very thorough process. So thorough in fact, that at times it became extremely humorous. But maybe that was just bypassed charge coming off.‌
‌Jonathan assisted me in uncovering many of the blocks I had put up to prevent communication with others and spot those people and things I had decided that I was unable to communicate with. I feel free, uninhibited and no longer am afraid to say what’s on my mind, if I choose to do so. I feel better equipped, also, in my ability to hear others, duplicate what is being communicated to me and acknowledge them. I’m also remembering so much from this lifetime and prior ones.‌
‌It’s great to be growing into a higher state, to experience becoming something better, to have capabilities freed up and improved. I am being empowered to create new worlds for myself along all my dynamics Thanks, Jonathan Burke and L. Ron Hubbard for guiding me on this fantastic journey. I look forward to traveling much farther.


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