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Independent Scientology Success Stories - The Basic Dianetics Auditing Course

The Basic Dianetics Auditing Course was my first with the AOGP. I was impressed with the amount of information available to me in the online course room. I have dictionaries, references, and materials all available instantly.

As to the course itself. I did the Hubbard Dianetic Auditor Course in the Church and it was alright but a little confused. The material was drawn from Book One and a series of lectures introduced before Science of Survival.

What the AOGP does is to show the Standard Tech References that show that LRH had made later refinements to Book One Auditing. It was a revelation to discover the true LRH Basic Dianetics Auditing.

I want to thank Jonathan Burke for setting up the AOGP LRH for Blazing the path, and everyone else involved in KSW in the Field. - JR

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