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Independent Scientology Success Stories - Original OT IV

Independent Scientology Success Stories - Original OT IV

My first communication is a great big Theta love, hug and appreciation with so very much respect and reverence to all of you whom are supporting this, my journey of freedom.

This OT level cut through many confusions on the Dynamics. For myself, this level was very powerful on the 3rd, 4th and 7th Dynamics.

I notice mainly, with presence, granting of beingness, communication, and most of all love, the use and understanding of the above pervades all. Which became the main factor to shedding much unwanted case.

My postulates have much more intention, clarity and flow to happen. I do most everything conceptually and using obnosis.*

My Pan Determination is/was very high during this level, its like, I let the soul guide, and Pan Determination appeared.

KRC was key in keeping most importantly, the Auditing Comm Cycle in. Jonathan Burke's comm, C/Sing, and keeping the Tech pure and his unconditional love is so very, very valuable and needed in these times -I am eternally grateful. I feel the beauty of the sea in me - the flow of the universe, so peaceful and calm. This may seem all spiritual and woo woo, because the wins and gains are pretty amazing and wow.Thing is, it took much discipline and intention to switch my viewpoints out of the mest universe to get to this point. I am happy I did, because I have arrived. I know the next level will be even more spectacular and full of adventures.MML!


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