L 11 Completion - March 16th, 2022

Life seems like a maze when you give it a quick glance, and even more so when one gets into the mechanics of every day life; job, driving, family, cooking, cleaning, sleep, hobbies, dreams, likes and dislikes. So many things that tied together make us ,“us”, and we then add our own color to these things to make our special identities.

It is good, fun, colorful and shiny and bright.  But I tell you, there is more to this than meets the eye. I have uncovered a curtain of my own making and many more than one, that has occluded everything, everything, and I was unaware of this until this special, very, very special communication called L11!

There isn’t anything as simple or smooth and easy as this to increase knowingness and awareness as I have ever before experienced and on such an OT scale - absolutely dwarfs every and anything before it to such minuscule dimensions that is is unimaginable until the phenomenon is attained - which for me continues to keep expanding in the most causative manner.

This is an incredible level of doingness as a great tool toward OT.

‌ I hope for you the best; keep pushing, keep reaching and keep attaining!

‌Much Love,