This OT action has freed me of old connections that have held so much of my attention for way too long. Old connections to the end of my previous life, connections that held me captive in my own body, connections that bound me to others I had long known but who were too close to differentiate from myself.‌

The auditing, programming, and C/S-ing at AOGP are spot-on, and strictly by the book—just as LRH intends them. With absolutely no alterations in tech, delivery or handling. I recommend this org to all of you, wherever you may be on the bridge. This is the safe space you’ve been looking for to reach the great heights available.‌

My heartfelt thanks to my auditor, Jonathan Burke, my C/S, the staff at AOGP, and to LRH, for caring so much, with a full heart, as to make the true bridge available here and now.‌

I love this place.