I thank LRH for this tech.

This OT Level opened me up to the understanding of knowingness,duplication and compassion of true self.

I know it is only the beginning.

I would not have come to this point if it wasn't for the precision, care, ARC, KRC and Auditing comm line of my Auditor John Nunez. This is a whole new viewpoint and life for myself and all the dynamics. It was a catalyst to my confront level. John has so much presence, ability and duplication that I understand now the art of knowingness over thinking. I am just so grateful.

As an example, when an item read it was duplication in 3 places or more instantly. And acknowledged by John from a higher view of intention to free brings. It was quite profound. Sometimes when an item read, I would laugh. But my knowingness was like 'confront it', It was way beyond think. I couldn’t believe what true source knows. Then, I started to get the hang of it thru John’s presence and the processes.

I am grateful for all the training I have done as only a Level 0, Auditor and all the tech, with especially the PTS SP tech, as it gives me ability to operate, obnosis and perceive

from a higher love and viewpoint.

I am still processing the charge blown in OTIV and the power of what drugs on an OT can do.

I feel sparkling inside. This is very, very, subtle and very, very, powerful tech.

As a body worker, when I massage, I feel I help others heal thru their true selves, so the spirit can heal the mind and body. Profound conversation is expressed from clients to me, from this.

It was not like this before.

I want to thank Jonathan Burke for the same love, care, ARC, and KRC. The service at AOGP is amazing-amazing-amazing.

All my love,