I just did my purification rundown with AOGP! I'm no stranger to detoxes and cleanses but this was definitely in another league. Having the support of the supplements in incremental dose increases was a major player in the process. I work with chemicals in my job as a stylist, live in a nuclear town, and I’ve also spent my time earning my spot in the sauna with a less than ideal lifestyle at times.

Realizing that these chemicals stored in our bodies can be restimulated, which may trigger us into old states of mind or experiences. I was running into some walls with my auditing and we decided the best course of action was to first cleanse the body at a cellular level. I had several life changing moments in the sauna where I had nothing to do but sweat out and confront old baggage. It can be a little disorienting at times to give up all your vices and habits. But with the help and guidance of Jonathan and his wife Lisa make the process bearable and also successful!

My body feels cleaner, my mind clearer, and objectives in my life more attainable after completing the purif. I really cannot recommend it enough if you are feeling stuck in any area of life. And honestly, even if you are not struggling much in any area we live in a post industrial world where we can’t help but be contaminated by chemicals.

So thank you AOGP for running me through this process, its not easy but the sense of accomplishment is worth its weight in gold!