For those that don’t know about Scientology

In the 1950s a man named L. Ron Hubbard started a movement that has impacted the lives of millions of people around the world with the start of his first pre-Scientology book: Dianetics. Over twenty million copies have been sold and remains a best seller to date which was the start of ground-breaking and revolutionary ways to help people. L. Ron Hubbard compiled Scientology on personal observations, scientific tests, and compiling material from philosophies and spiritual lessons around the world, and most of all, a love for humanity. Our group consists of dedicated individuals that see truth in his work, as it literally is about life and every area of it.

For those that have seen all the negative things about the subject of Scientology

So we are here eh? Yup, won’t lie, there is a lot of negative news about the subject of Scientology out there. Do you know those big religions that have smaller cult followings that practice some really bad things? Well it is the exact opposite order with us. We are Independent Scientologists from all walks of life that have created this growing group, so that we may bring the subject of science in unity with spirituality back to life – without all the crazy stuff you’ve seen in the media. For legal purposes, we won’t mention names, but as the founder says “Look, don’t listen.” – L. Ron Hubbard.  Let’s put it this way, there is much more negativity out there about the groups than there is about the actual subject of Scientology, it’s just unfortunate that people tend to brush everyone with the same brush.

Frequently asked Questions

Q: What is it that you guys actually do?

A: We study life – and as a result get better at handling life. Yup, every area of it including relationships, children, work, studying, spirituality, friendships and much more. The only way people get affected by life, is by not knowing how to handle it. By studying about life, you get to be in the front seat of every decision and action you make.

Here is a list of our available courses.

Q: What is auditing?

A: Auditing is a pretty simple, really. It is delivered by an auditor, “one who listens.” The auditor gets in communication with you and addresses those issues by having you take a look at them from different viewpoints, giving you a new perspective on things you are having difficulties with in life. The end result is you being more at cause over life and much happier living it.

Try it out, your first session is free!

Q: What’s up with the weird lingo like “OT” and “cognitions?”

A: LRH was very interested in spirituality but also science and much of the “lingo” is derived from scientific terms. He was also very interested in language and literally studied dictionaries.

Here is the link to our Multimedia and our Technical Dictionaries, free for you to stream as much as you like!

Q:  I hear Scientology is REALLY expensive?

A: Not with us it isn't! Yes, there are groups who sell their materials, services and courses at exorbitant fees, but our goal is to help people – we are not in the business of crippling your survival to learn about surviving! As LRH says, “the work is free, keep it so.” – The only reason why we charge anything at all is because many of us on our team do this full time, and we need to survive too.

Q: What is my first step?

A: You take our fun personality test of course! This will show us (and you) areas that you struggle with, whether it’s communication or having anxiety or any other area, we can and do help. We also ask you what you feel you are struggling with - whether it is work or relationships or finding it difficult to study, we have ways to help you!

Here is where you can take our personality test.

Q: What if I don’t want to share that personal information?

A: You can go on ahead to studying a course, or contact us for an auditing session, but it is recommended you take our personality test, it is fun!

Always remember this one truth from us, we don’t subject anyone to unfair evaluation and invalidation. Have a look for yourself to see if Independent Scientology is for you!

What is true for you is true. – L. Ron Hubbard