Delivering the Ls is a rarity in the independent field of Scientology. The ones who deliver them are few and far between and some deliver them non-standardly, and there are those who deliver it uncertified. AOGP rose up to the challenge to make sure we could deliver it to you standardly and certified. The Ls address the basics of a thetan's case directly. They undercut the reactive mind and handle those factors which suppress the capacity to actually Do, Be and Have. They're a special class of rundown; they increase a person's power and effectiveness.

CONTACT US AT: [email protected] for more information. Prerequisites: Grades O-IV or OT III Completion.


The Ls were developed as a result of research into the levels above OT VIII.  The success of the Ls is startling.  These rundowns can handle things that are handled nowhere else. The breakthrough which exists here technically is so strong that it actually cuts through the normal protective mechanisms of the mind. It came actually from the OT Grades. It answers the question - Why does an OT restrain himself and cease to behave as an OT?

Each rundown is designed to terminatedly handle a specific area of a person’s case. The Ls are not grades in themselves but incredible boosters. The basic tech comes from research into increasing OT powers. They’re a special class of rundown; they increase a person’s power and effectiveness. Part of the discovery was that this tech could be used lower down on the Bridge to get people up it faster - very much faster. The Ls address the basics of a thetan’s case directly. They undercut the reactive mind and handle those factors which suppress the capacity to actually Do, Be and Have. They remove those things that can make a person less himself and far less powerful and causative as a thetan. These rundowns are designed to find and erase the basic counter intentions along one’s dynamics. They stabilize a case.

The Ls require an expert to run them. The auditor’s TRs have to be perfect and there is no room for flubs. So don’t audit these rundowns on a pc or pre-OT until your auditing is flawless.


The Ls are intended to handle out-valence and evil purpose cases. We are handling main areas of resistiveness that are stopping the person from expanding. On L10 we handle the main valences that make him restrain his havingness. On L11 we handle evil purposes that keep him from acting. On L12 we stabilize his certainty of being himself. The 3 Ls roughly divide into Have (L10), Do (L11), and Be (L12).

Our main targets are valences and Evil Purposes. We will gradually make the person realize that they are not him and thereby free him from them. The Ls are tailored to the individual. Every pc might not need all the steps, some pcs need extra steps. Particularly L10 doesn’t have a fixed program, but contains a number of different possible ways of getting items.


In 1970 LRH tested an experimental process called “Acceleration” which consisted of running down prior ARC breaks preceding engrams.

During the period of late 1970 to early 1971, a pilot project called the “PTS Project” was undertaken under the direct supervision of LRH.

The result was a set of case actions which, if done standardly, could result in the release of a thetans’ full potential. These actions were later known as the “L Rundowns”.