Even though I attested New OT 7 (NOTS case completion) lately. I decided with the C/S’s approval, that it would be to my advantage to go through Ron’s original OT route.

So I embarked onto Original OT4.

These processes were incredible. - It was as though they filled missing parts of the puzzle. I gained the ability to create and destroy the mechanics of the Reactive Mind and gained certainty that if ever by hazard, I fell into that trap again, I could easily destroy it.

This level fortified my certainty of myself as a being separate from all and not as part of a whole as many religions seem to infer. I interact with others individually and do not share a common universal bank guided by the almighty.

The government here is contemplating passing law on the rights of the collective as being superior to individual rights. They definitely need OT 4. It is difficult looking at society and the way it’s devolving, from the viewpoint of these levels. Sometimes I feel there is no hope for this planet.

Then I realized what Ron’s intention was when he came up with the idea to ‘CLEAR the planet’. Once cleared as OT, our influence on others just in day to day living can only but improve the surroundings. It’s a grassroots movement where each individual is responsible to get himself up the bridge.

It’s one by one, individually, just by attaining this level, that there will magically appear hope for the future of this planet.

It’s a blessing that Jon and his team are there to help make it happen.