I’m going to withhold myself from giving this success story while stating anything confidential.*

This life started on my invading this body a little while before its birth into this world.

Just before that, I reported back to where you get instructions on how to proceed, but the station was abandoned a long time ago.

So I had to improvise.

I shared the body in complete harmony with its true owner until the first key-in thirteen years later. At which time, I had to restrain the body from doing its natural duty because of society’s considerations (aberations). It’s strange that my mother did not have to endure these social restraints went she birthed me and my brother at 13 and 14.

From here on out it was a total war with me and my body’s keeper.

Scientology keyed out and finally cleared this Entity from all its charge and harmony re-installed itself between us.

But doing the Key to Life course, I saw that I was not really who I thought I was.

There was a lot of things I was being that were not really me, and doing the chronological study I saw that there was more to this body than just us two. I saw that the body was actually a third dynamic activity.

And this is where the OT levels come in. They clear up a lot of this 3rd dynamic and OT 7 returned ME to the actual ME. No more valances, other identities and whatever.

All of the success stories I have read mention how the author felt calmer and more in harmony with others. This is just a feeling of wellbeing, but Being ME is the cherry on TOP. It’s so much easier to live and cause life in this state.