During the summer of 1984, following a number of upper-level research breakthroughs, Ron released a high-precision new auditing rundown designed to slash through to the root of false purposes and unwanted intentions - The False Purpose Rundown.

In fact, the period from 1980 through 1984 was marked by an almost unbelievable succession of technical and administrative advancements. In addition to those already mentioned, there were major forward strides in the areas of art, marketing, dissemination, public relations, training of executives, management, the philosophy and technology of ethics and justice, Confessional technology, education and Word Clearing technology.

Even with his intensive schedule of research and development, Ron still made time for a return to two favorite occupations, fiction writing and music composing. During this time he wrote the 430,000 word science fiction blockbuster BattlefieldEarth in celebration of his 50 years as a professional writer. Ron also wrote The Invaders Plan, Black Genesis, The Enemy Within, An Alien Affair, Fortune of Fear, Death Quest, Voyage of Vengeance, Disaster, Villainy Victorious and The Doomed Planet which comprised the 10-volume science fiction satire, Mission Earth. When released, Battlefield Earth and each of the 10 volumes of the Mission Earth series became New York Times and international bestsellers - a string of 11 consecutive fiction bestsellers: an unprecedented accomplishment in the publishing history.During this time he also wrote the lyrics and music for an album based on Battlefield Earth called "Space Jazz". He followed "Space Jazz" with words and music for an album to accompany Mission Earth, released under the same title and performed by the late blues and rock musician Edgar Winter.

He also wrote screenplays for two feature-length movies: "Ai! Pedrito!" and "A Very Strange Trip."

In all respects, the period from 1980 to 1984 was a period of major advancements in the zones of Ethics, Technical and Administrative Technology, and it was all done by Ron at the same time he returned to the field of fiction, writing more than all but a handful of authors throughout history have produced in a lifetime.


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