In 1971 Ron carried on along with what he had done in 1970, both technically and administratively.

Lecturing to top Scientology executives on the new Flag Executive Briefing Course -the Class VIII of administrative training -Ron revealed new management technology to be used in rapidly growing organizations across the planet.

Continuing an exhaustive study of the field of public relations, Ron recorded his own breakthroughs in the subject in the HCO Policy Letters of the Public Relations Series. These issues mark the first completely analytical, ethical and consistently effective approach to this vital subject.

Refinining auditing and case supervision technology, Ron added nearly 50 new HCO Bulletins to the Case Supervisor Series and polished the tech of the Interiorization Rundown to make it even more precise and effective.

Completing research he had begun in the fall of 1970, Ron released three new rundowns: L 10; L 11, the New Life Rundown and L 12, the Flag OT Executive Rundown. Though these are OT rundowns drawn from discoveries in the area of whole track goals and purposes, they can be delivered even to pre-clears
at lower levels, with spectacular results.

Great advances were also made in the areas of study and education, with many bulletins issued on the technology of Word Clearing. These HCOBs and the study tech Ron had codified in the 1960s gave Course Supervisors and Word Clearers all the tools they needed to get students flying through their studies and effectively applying what they learned.



28th  HCOB Metering Reading Items


14th  HCOB  F/N Everything

3oth  HCOB  Add To HCOB 8 Jan 71 Auditing CS-1


26th  HCOB  TRs and Cognitions


21st  HCOB  The World Begins With TR-O

23rd  HCOB  Communication Cycles Within The Auditing Cycle


2nd  HCOB  Confronting

3rd  HCOB  High And Low TA Breakthrough

19th  HCOB  Study Definitions

22nd  HCOB Confronting Addition

25th  HCOB Barriers To Study



16th  HCOB  Training Drills Re-Modernized

19th  HCOB  Quad Ruds Long Duration

23rd HCOB  C/S Series 1 - Auditors Rights

31st  HCOB Confused Ideas


4th  HCOB Alterations

4th  HCOB  How To Use A Dictionary  


HCOB  Solo Auditors Rights

25th  HCOB  Tone Scale In Full


24th  HCOB  False TA


3rd  HCOB  Auditors Worksheets


23rd  HCOB  The Non-Interference Area Clarified and Re-Enforced