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1950! The уear Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health was published is considered by many as the starting point in the time track of Dianetics.

Factually, the early development of Dianetics and Scientology began in the thirties and ran up through Ron's presentation of Dianetics: The Original Thesis to the healing field in 1948. But this was not just the original thesis of Dianetics. It was the original thesis on the subject of Scientology-the word he used as early as 1938 to identify the subject he was developing.

From 1947 to 1949, Ron was in Hollywood researching and refining Dianetics auditing technique. In fact, some of the first Dianetic Clears were during this period. He didn't advertise what he was doing, didn't tell people who he was-he simply picked people at random and audited them. These people didn't know what was going on, but they were all intensely delighted: their somatics were disappearing and they were going upscale at a remarkable rate.

With the release of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in May of 1950, the scene changed. An overnight bestseller, the book's success very quickly made L. Ron Hubbard a leading name in the field of mental health.

By August of 1950 Ron was lecturing to crowds of over 6,000 people at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, and within a few short months there were over 700 groups practicing Dianetics in the US alone, led by the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation in Elizabeth, New Jersey and its offices in New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, Los Angeles and Hawaii.

He spent much of his time traveling across the US to lecture to the public who were enthusiastically demanding information on Dianetics, while continuing the development of the technology.





May 9th, 1950








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