"Case gain depends entirely upon the person's ability to view the truth of something in order to bring about an as-isness. (Ref: The Axioms of Scientology, Booklet: Axioms and Logics) This ability is gained or regained on a gradient scale. The Grade Chart is designed to assist one to view gradiently larger areas of truth at each level. As one progresses up the Chart his ability to view the truth of things improves and expands. The accumulated masses, burdens, problems and falsities of a lifetime or lifetimes are dissolved and vanished, leaving the being free and clean and in control of his life and environment."

- HCOB 1 May 1985 - Honesty and Case Gain

Expanded ARC Straightwire Grade Process Checklist

Expanded Grade 0 Process Checklist

Expanded Grade I Process Checklist

Expanded Grade II Process Checklist

Expanded Grade III Process Checklist

Expanded Grade IV Process Checklist

New Era Dianetics

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