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Independent Scientology Success Stories - OT III Completion

Independent Scientology Success Stories - OT III Completion

OT III was an amazing discovery for me, and the wins I had seemed like a kind of magic! I understand why OT levels are confidential, as nobody who is not trained and ready for the level could ever grasp how important and miraculous it is, less go through it!

I somehow entered into a state of peace with the physical universe and all life forms. I know that nothing and nobody can influence me without my agreement; my thoughts are always and only my thoughts, and others’ charge is not my charge! Yes, return of self-determinism described as an E/P for this level is a very precise and true wording for this!

I simply gained a new level of freedom, a new level of what does it mean to be myself, to be free, to have the power of choice and not to be re-stimulated by others and by the physical universe.

Occasionally, it was tough – I had short periods of feeling overwhelmed, irritated, nervous, and so called “freewheeling” – and I understand why this level was nicknamed “wall of fire!" But, on the other side of the wall is – laughter! Laughter and freedom!

Usually, people like to thank Ron at the end of their testimonies. Truly nobody, but really nobody, could have these gains and insights without Ron plotting this first, which was a remarkable achievement in itself! So – thank you Ron, sincerely! And a big Thank You to my C/Ses and to all AOGP staff – the best Org in the Americas!


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