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Man has been harassed by irrationality in individual and group conduct since there has been Man.
The existing scene of Man’s activities is so immersed in departures and outpoints that at first survey there would seem to be no possible handling of the situation.
Most people have accepted the existing conditions as “inevitable” and toss them off with a “that’s life.”
This is of course an overwhelmed attitude.
And it is true that the departure from any ideal is so distant as to obscure any feeling of reality about possibly achieving an ideal scene even in a limited area.
Philosophies exist to “prove” that chaos is needful to furnish challenge. That is like saying “Be glad you’re crazy” (as 19th century psychologists did say). Or “Suffering refines one,” as the playwrights of the early 20th century so fondly used in their plots.
One whole religious order preached the necessity to accept Man as he is. Thus Man is plagued with defeatism, has lacked technology, and civilization after civilization has succumbed, either in a flash of flame and war or in the slow erosion of grinding distress.
Most men, it has been said, live lives of quiet desperation.”

Are you stuck in doubt? Really take a moment to think about that question. I would love to say we have hundreds of PCs and hundreds of students, but we don’t, and I know neither do any orgs or auditors in the independent field. There are hundreds of us on Facebook groups, so are they actually filled with independents or just trolls and curious people? If they are in fact filled with independents, what are PCs and pre-OTs doing? Self-auditing? Self-coaching? It’s not inaccessible -to receive auditing and training, and if you are an independent, surely prior auditing and training has made you skilled and able in acquiring the funds necessary to continue your journey up the Bridge? We sure do offer MUCH better prices than the Church does for their altered tech.

HCO POLICY LETTER OF 18 FEBRUARY 1972 Executive Series 8


“A being can of course run away from life (blow) and go sit on the backside of the moon and do nothing and think nothing. In which case he would need to know nothing, be responsible for nothing and control nothing. He would also be unhappy and he definitely would be dead so far as himself and all else was concerned. But, as you can’t kill a thetan, the state is impossible to maintain and the road back can be gruesome.
The route up from death or apathy or inaction is to Know something about it, take some Responsibility for the state one is in and the scene, and Control oneself to a point where some control is put into the scene to make it go right. Then Know why it went wrong, take Responsibility for it, and Control it enough to make it go more toward an ideal scene.
Little by little one can make anything go right by Increasing Knowledge on all dynamics
Increasing Responsibility on all dynamics Increasing Control on all dynamics. If one sorts out any situation one finds oneself in on this basis, he will generally succeed.”

In just a year I have learned so many new skills, I have become so confident and my personal ethics has created someone completely different to who I was - in an incredibly good way. If I can make things go this right for me and I’m not even on the OT levels, surely each one of us can create ways to further our training and auditing.

A year ago I sat in my room, completely lost. I had discovered Scientology from the Church, and I had no idea how I would pay the exorbitant fees the Church was asking, but I knew I just had to continue my journey. Subsequently I found AOGP, and I started working on the advertising. I created videos, I made blog posts, I did graphics, and much more, and so I was able to work for my training and auditing.

It starts with intention, which is why I ask, are you in doubt? I know some of you have just taken a break, but if there ever was a time to complete your Bridge, it is now. As a society we have gone from Serenity to Covert Hostility on the whole track. It’s only a matter of time before we get into Propitiation and start begging SPs for forgiveness because of being driven so mad.

I’m not asking you to clear the planet. I’m asking you to get out of your comfort zone and ask yourself if you’re in doubt about being an independent Scientologist so you may confront the fact that just possibly you could be doing more.

Anyone that knows me, knows I always put self-determinism at the forefront of Scientology. Collectivism just does not work as well as individualism right now, so all I ask is that you remember the sacrifices LRH made for all of us who truly believe in his work. Put your biases, considerations and agreements aside, stop considering that you don’t have any money - some of our courses are $50, and auditing can be done by the hour. These are reasonable excuses and in the end, can we really afford to be reasonable at this stage?

Maybe at this point, you’re thinking “I’m excluded from this list,” but honestly I’m speaking to everyone, bottom of the Bridge or OT-whatever. It’s no good to just listen to an LRH lecture or just read a book. Yes, those are excellent starting points but as a student, I always get much more out of being checked out and doing appointed demos than I do just listening or reading, and let me not even get on the subject of why auditing is so invaluable - you already know why.

So in the words of LRH, I’d like to remind you of a line in case you have forgotten:

“The whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman and Child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology. This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance.”

I know this letter is heavy - but we don’t have LRH here to assume the responsibility of lighting a fire under our butts. He did what he could, and right now what we do have is each other. Let’s make the old man proud, shall we?

~Much love, Scientologirl