"There is nothing as wild in the books of Man as will probably happen here on Earth...   It will happen and be allowed to happen simply because all this is so incredible that nobody will even think of stopping it until it is far, far too late." ~ LRH


We at AOGP believe that “If it is not fun, it is not Scientology.” It is our intent to return to the quality of service and results available in the 1960s and '70s, when Scientology was just plain fun to do!

AOGP became a traveling organization with a home base in the Great Plains of the Central U.S. For six years, we delivered auditing and training to clients nationwide. Sixty success stories later, we established permanent offices five minutes south of Kansas City International Airport in Kansas City, Missouri, and ten minutes north of downtown Kansas City.

Because we repeatedly witnessed the misapplication and dilution of LRH's technology by the Corporate Church of Scientology, it became our mission as FLAG trained auditors to right those technical wrongs. We started as a service for friends and family, but we have blossomed into a resource for a rapidly growing flow of public that seeks standard auditing and training.

The Corporate Church of Scientology consists of empty buildings, alterations to the technology, suppression, division, and invalidated wins. Our independent organization, unrelated to the corporate church, offers stellar results using the original technology, avoiding those pitfalls altogether by applying and using the principals of the subject correctly in a fun and and uptone environment run only by OTs.

Our technical staff consists of FLAG trained Class VI and VIII/IX auditors, case supervisors and course supervisors. All of which were trained prior to the 1996 Golden Age of Tech alterations in the church.

Every division of our organization at AOGP is staffed by OT’s who are trained auditors with a deep duplication and understanding of the tech. and are dedicated to achieving the results attainable with standard tech.

Speed and accuracy of service are our hallmarks. We know how valuable your time is, so we make the most of it.

"Therefore, communication and the quality of service are what make an org stable and affluent." -  from the LRH policy letter: "Mail Statistic - The Director of  Communication's Function"

From the moment you contact us, we find out what is needed and what you want addressed. Our technical team will get the product you desire with accuracy, privacy, attention to detail, and great compassion. Making your life easier and fun through accurate application of original LRH principals is our primary goal

It's a tough universe, and our job is to make life fun again by helping you set goals, make postulates, and achieve them through standard training and processing.

The BIG picture is to make life a game that YOU create and play as an OT with other OTs, rather than living life at effect, with the universe and the game playing you. Training and auditing handle this phenomena.

An Accent on Service

This is all done in a suppression-free, invalidation-free, and evaluation-free environment at the right pace for you and your lifestyle in our 3000 square foot public facility known as The Advanced Organization of the Great Plains.

Our clients enjoy access to multiple eateries, shopping, entertainment, and hotels within walking distance. Some of which are less than a 100 yards away. Our clients also enjoy complimentary ground transportation services while doing services with AOGP as well as concierge services in finding preferred accommodations and more for your stay while at AOGP - all available upon request. Just send us an email for your needs while here.

As an added service, we use cutting edge technology to produce and provide technical training films, online courses, auditor admin, and organizational management for a quality of communication and accuracy heretofore not seen in an LRH admin adherent organization. We offer these technical advances to train and educate without arbitraries or deletions of the original texts, intent, or effectiveness.

Standard Scientology is available and affordable for everyone in the great plains and the US in general. Come be a part of a rapidly growing community here in the great plains.

*AOGP is not affiliated in any way with the corporate Church of Scientology.