Since the start of the pandemic, we realized we had to make some changes to make a difference. Since then we have implemented new strategies to help people on a global scale, all in the comfort of their own homes. Same technology, new approach! Below is a list of all the new advances AOGP has been making:

  • We are now the largest Online Scientology Academy and Online Auditing Center in the world
  • We are working on innovative strategies to further implement ways of doing Independent Scientology completely in the comfort of your home
  • We are in communication with several Indy groups on bringing Independent Scientology together
  • We have given our websites a face-lift, check out STOSA!
  • We have halved our prices on all courses!
  • We have a new Telegram group for chat!
  • We have the FIRST EVER Scientology games!
  • We are going to be introducing webinars and seminars in the near future
  • We have daily quotes on our social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter
  • We have a new creative team working on our videos and designs
  • We have new writers and marketers for our ads
  • We have new production management staff working on new ideas

Our goal is to unite Independent Scientology, and what better time than now!