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You know, I previously had a major confusion on what the definition of Clear is for a very long time. Coming from a Class V auditor, I imagine that that sounds slightly alarming. I knew what it meant to be Clear, per the textbook definition, but I never quite knew if I was at that state or not. Doing the DCSI has really addressed the correct areas of bypassed charge on the area to really see it for what it is and I am happy to come to the conclusion that, yes, I have achieved that state. I've had some nice realizations about it and all I can say is that I can only hope that everyone can get to this point in their lives. It is a good day today and I can look onward in the future with a Clear mind. My ability to as-is things on the 1st dynamic is a lot easier, I'm even doing it right now as I type out this success story!

My eternal gratitude goes out to the crowd over at AOGP and to LRH for paving the pathway for beings to make it.  -DF

Sunshine Rundown

The Sunshine Rundown was a very nice simple action that really stablized me and made me feel my own space for the first time in my life. I was always able to sense others on a theta level, but never my own output, or my own flow 2 in a way. It's kind of funny actually, I'd have had other people tell me that I have a nice space or something of the sort and I'd sort of shrug it off or whatnot because I could never feel my own outflow before.

The Sunshine Rundown made me feel calmer and actually feel myself which was a rarety before, but seems normal now.

Once again, AOGP has my thanks along with LRH! It's only up from here! -DF