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So I’ve been an independent Scientologist for just over a year now, and I want to share something with all of you. I already did the video which you can check out below but, I encourage anyone who is considering doing the Basic Study Course, or who has started or not completed it yet, to read this article.

When I first got on course, I had prior considerations. I’m sure none of us started out thinking “I will be a Scientologist no matter what!” The Basic study course is the entry point a lot of the time to Scientology and let’s face it, how can we absolutely know this is what we want to be doing? So that was my first consideration: I will test the waters before I jump right in.

I had other considerations as I went a long, which some people may relate to:*Well it’s free, so if I don’t think it’s for me, I can just leave

*I don’t understand why we need to learn how to study, isn’t that just for students? I mean I was good in school

*If this basic stuff really is what Scientology is about, then it’s pretty silly - I mean it’s so simple

*I don’t think this course is completely accurate, I can’t learn how to do trigonometry with clay!

*Am I really going to have to spend so much time defining every single word in the dictionary??

So those were some of the considerations I had when starting and even when I finished the Basic Study Course I still didn’t really get the full importance of it until I did some other courses and read some more books. I can promise you one thing, the more words you go passed that you don’t understand, the more the above considerations seem to become fact in your mind. They get stronger, until you end up asking yourself why you’re doing the course, it’s stupid, Scientology is lame, blah blah. These are all excuses I made because I actually had misunderstood words. I also didn’t want to believe I had misunderstood words because my ego was another consideration, “I am excellent at English, I highly doubt I have MUs.”

Basically, I had put my own considerations up as barriers to the point where I was no longer a student, but someone who wasn’t even giving the course an honest shot before blowing it off.

Luckily for me, I reached a point where I realised “the one who speaks (I was doing so in my mind) learns nothing as he is only repeating what he knows, but the one who listens may learn something new.” I bagged my considerations and I gave an honest shot at being a student, and that decision was the start of amazing things happening in my life.

See, as I said in the video above, the Basic Study course gets undervalued mainly because of prior considerations and considerations that build up as you go - which are basically from misunderstood words. It’s kind of like a little bit of truth (like you may actually consider you don’t know why you’re studying it) and a little bit of a lie (I don’t have misunderstood words!)

Now I don’t mean to offend anyone by calling anyone a liar - at the end of the day 1. I can’t evaluate for you, 2. Ethics is a personal thing, 3. Often times we don’t even know we are doing it. The last one is especially true, as honest as we may think we are, we lie all the time! Every time someone asks how we are and we say “fine” when we’re really not, every time we’ve ever made an excuse not to do something, and every time we’ve done or not done something and then said we had no choice, where of course, there is always a choice to be made.

I don’t want to get too sidetracked here though about lies, because it’s a subject all on its own. The point is that, take it from someone who had all these considerations on course, when you do other courses and get further into (independent) Scientology, you’ll appreciate the things you learned on this beginner course because it is the key to everything else. If you’ve signed up, you owe it to yourself to see the course through. No doubt you are here for a reason, bag the considerations at least for a little while and learn how to be a student. We all enjoy being right, and somewhere along the line the Basic Study Course can make you feel like you’re not right anymore, so we kick back and abandon the course. The truth is that no matter how much we may want to, we don’t know everything there is to know, and being a student in life is much more beneficial than thinking we know everything. And that’s just it, we ARE all students in life. Daily I am learning more and more things, it’s how we grow as humans and spiritual beings. If we can’t learn anything, we aren’t being anything other than barriers of our own creation.

So that’s the gist from Scientologirl, I seriously encourage every one of you that’s interested or that were interested at some point to give this little course the chance to change your life. It is the stepping stone to Scientology training, and you have nothing to lose but so much to gain.

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